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My Encounters V

Updated on September 27, 2012

Cheated With a text Message

The first time I practically saw the earth spinning was the time I received a message on my phone. ‘Congratulations! You are the winner of KSh .450, 000 and a sum sung mobile phone worth 5000 Cash!’

I have never been in possession of money beyond 25,000 shillings except when I was given ksh. 30,000 by my mother to pay for college fees. Hence the thought of receiving 450,000 thousand shillingsoverwhelmed me a great deal. A part from making sure that I preserved the text message carefully due to it’s being very important, I read and revised it so as to be clear on it .The full text message which has since stuck to my medulla oblongata read like this. ‘Congratulation! You are the winner of Ksh. 450,000 and a sum sung mobile phone worth ksh. 5,000. From. Unilever!’The thought of how I had become instantly rich perplexed me. Little did I know that that was the source of my coming nightmare.

I now started planning on restructuring my live using the money I have won arbitrarily. The thought of whether I had really participated in any promotion or competition did not hinder my mind. The fact was that the money was too much to be ignored. so I started, one hundred thousand was to buy a Shamba in Kisii, near my home area , another one hundred thousand to build a house for my parents , another one hundred thousand at least to get a sweetie of my own, since I had always envied people who called each other sweetie , honey, baby, darling, and such useless names. For the rest of the money which was fifty thousand, I had planned to enjoy myself amicably. For the Samsung mobile phone, I had planned to use it and give the one I was using which is a Motorola make to my mother. I had turned into a high class stature instantly!

When the emotions eventually cooled down, I decided to call the number that was used to send the message. ‘Hallo, my name is silas and I have received a message from your company that I have won KSH 450,000. Now how can I redeem the prize?’ the voice which deemed strong and heavy from the other end replied ,’congratulation again silas , I’m Mr. . Peter soo from Unilever company, and I can assist you to get the prize as fast as possible. And since you are the luckiest winner in this week, I suppose you send me my ‘tea ‘’ so that I can give you special attention and work your things faster’.

The thought of giving this man ‘tea’ troubled me but I eventually saw it o.k. Anyway since the prize itself was attractive and I did not want to lose it. So I picked the phone and asked the man how much ‘tea’’ he wanted. He said ksh.I000 was o.k. And I may add another when I have redeemed the prize. I also asked him on where to redeem the prize and he suggested that we meet in town (Nairobi) and then he will direct me on where the company’s’ offices’ were. I borrowed 3500 from my neighbor promising to pay him back the next day and sent the man one thousand shillings through M PESA. I was to use the remaining for fare and other emergency.

I traveled the next day to the city center and by the help of the mobile phone gadget plus the gods of the man, I met him at the gate of times towers building. He was a heavy, black and bald headed man who was smartly dressed in a blue suit. We exchanged greetings and he suggested that we proceed to office where the officials were waiting us at once, but first we should go to his house in Eastleigh to pick an important document he had forgotten .so we went back to Eastleigh. we reached a certain flat which happened to house lodgings , but he claimed to be residing in one of those places anyway .We entered in one of the rooms there and he suggested that we take some soda before we go out. So he went out and came back with two sodas already opened.

I remember feeling drowsy as I was taking the soda and what happened to me after wards is unexplainable but just to finish the story , I found myself the next day in that lodging without my expensive shoes, watch, mobile phone and 2500 cash . Asking the residents whether they knew who the man was, no one happened to know him; they argued that that was a lodging where different people used to frequent. It is after narrating my ordeal to those people who were there that a good Samaritan assisted me to reach my place, instead of going home with a cool 450,000 I went back a desperate figure.


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