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My Encounters xi

Updated on October 16, 2012

My Experience at the Quarry

One day I decided to go into the quarry site in search of a job since I had heard that there were plenty of manual jobs there. Little did I know that I would come to regret later for my decision, the story unfolds here.

Once I had heard about the quarry expedition, I wasted no time since I wanted to make quick money. I waited for carriers which were picking people at the spot where others were being picked, carrying my pocket lunch in a small bag. The journey was long and tedious since the road to the mine was very rough, when we reached there, people started dispersing to their various designation of work and since I was new in the area, I pondered the next move; not knowing what to do. I started asking people “where can I get a job here?”. One of them took me around and showed me where to get a job, fortunately I was granted a job of removing stones from the quarry into the parking area. The job was tough since the stones were very heavy. The method of payment was different for they pay according to the feet of stones one has carried.

After working in what I considered a reasonable assignment, I now requested for my payment since I could not continue any more. In my mind I had thought that the money might be good because I had done a heavy job, such like a job are always paid considerably in other areas. I had estimated the wages to be between Ksh300 to Ksh400 but had been surprised when I was given only Ksh70 I had taken lunch of Ksh40 plus breakfast Ksh20,hence I had been left with KshI0 only, I decided there and then to return home with immediately effect, but since I could not go on foot. I waited for the carriers to come at a round 5.00pm. I bought 2 bananas with the ten bob that were left with me, that day I didn’t get good sleep due to the kind of job I had done the previous day.

The next day I had nowhere to go in search of a job so I returned to the quarry hoping for a better assignment. I got another assignment which was to remove the soil until one gets to mine i.e. until one reaches the top of the rocks. Depending on the feet between the soil and rocks itself, was the determination of the amount of work you will do. So I requested for my work to be measured and I took three times the normal size hoping to make good money, unfortunately the distant between the soil and the top of the rocks was huge and hence I didn’t meet the demand even for the normal size measurement, hence I was not given even one cent for that day. And since I had taken lunch and breakfast on credit, I went home mysteriously without those women who cater for food knowing. I pretended to be going on some errant with my job clothes on so that no one can realize where was going and luckily I escaped with somebody’s debt. I decided not to return to the quarry again and true to that word I have never returned to that place again. Even if I should lack a job or something to do I simply rest in the house waiting for God to remember me one day.


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