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My Experience With Contently As A Freelance Writer

Updated on February 1, 2013

Contently is a startup that’s designed for freelance writers. I found them a few years ago when they were in a beta and giving out invites. Luckily I received an invite and was able to join the site early. Here is the experience that I had with Contently.

What Is Contently

The two main services that Contently provides is giving you an online portfolio to display your writing and it works to pair you up with clients in need of articles. These clients are usually paired up with you based on your areas of writing expertise. Once paired, you pitch article ideas complete with a title and a description of the main topics and points to be discussed in the article. The client then chooses whether or not to accept the article pitch. If declined, you’ll need to go back to the drawing board. If accepted, you move ahead with writing the article and get paid $5.

After writing an article of the necessary word length, you can submit it. You’ll likely get some requests for edits or more information in certain areas. After making any necessary changes, the article should be accepted and then you’ll be paid the designated compensation.

My Experience

The first client I received wanted articles related to mobile commerce and was offering the very lucrative rate of $100 per article. I pitched two articles, both of which were accepted. I promptly received $10 for the pitches being accepted. I wrote both articles and had to go through some editing, but thankfully the Contently editors were very helpful. I then submitted the final draft and waited. It took a bit longer than expected but they were eventually accepted and I was paid $200.

All in all, I only ever made $210 with Contently. I only ever had one client and they only needed the two articles I had written. I haven’t received a client in months. Now I can’t be sure what the reasoning for this is, but it may likely be that Contently has a low volume of clients in relation to writers.


While it was disappointing that my stint of writing for Contently was so short, the other thing of value that I gained from it was my portfolio. This let me organize all of my work from all across the web into one online portfolio and has made my life a lot easier when applying for other freelance writing jobs. So if you want to use Contently, I wouldn’t recommend getting your hopes up about getting a lot of work. However, I highly recommend taking advantage of the online portfolio to show off your writing, especially if you have posts on multiple sites.


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      Alex 4 years ago

      Thank a lot gor your sharing!