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My Experience With Hubs

Updated on February 11, 2017

I joined HubPages two months ago from this date to get my work and my brand out there.

I was looking for an avenue for my work to impact individuals as the passionate writer that I am and others continue to do.

I must admit that it was quite a challenge as the first time I decided to send my old articles as hubs which by the way is a no-no as far as it comes to HubPages guidelines that I did not know at the time being new and all just trying to find my way through a new site.

And me being a passionate writer I just decided to dive right in, not quite reading the guidelines something that a lot of us tend to do.

So it started off with email after email being sent to me discarding the articles I placed as hubs as some emails read as being duplicated elsewhere.

To tell the truth, I was getting so frustrated that I just decided to take down all thirty articles and start over with one after really going through the guidelines and was directed on the right path to go.

I just want to say as a new Huber Yes! You are going to write articles and Yes! Some may or may not get published or featured and that should not be the cause for you to divert from doing what you are passionate about and that is writing.

I never give up despite the frustrating ways of seeing email after email in my inbox that stated the errors of my work.

I decided to just remove all and start from scratch just writing heart sent new words of documentation instead of old work.

And you would not believe it but the first one that got published and featured was "What is the Criteria to be a Hubber Writer Or Blogger? Which by the way really surprised me funny isn't it? Well, I thought so at the time.

Since then I have written twenty-eight hubs and twenty are featured while eight is published within HubPages.

What am I saying to all new Hubbers is "Never give up always try and try until you succeed this was a test challenge for me and you know what? I pass with flying colors and you can too.


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