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Updated on January 25, 2017

Oh little girl

with the long golden hair

I'm so glad to see

you haven't a care

Your mind is so free

as it drifts off to ponder

Which flower to smell

in your world full of wonder

The colors are all so pretty you say

As you look toward the sky

asking God if you may

Pick just one He has made

to keep with your forever

Because it's a gift

you'll want always to treasure

How I pray that this innocence

remains untouched with time

Because pureness of heart

sometimes seems hard to find

In a world that grows troubled

believing things that aren't true

Our memory can lose touch

with all the things we once knew

God's great blessings are found

in the smallest of things

Like a child and a flower

and the joy they can bring...

Lisa Patricoff 1995


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