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My Favourite Hobbit Trilogy Moments

Updated on April 10, 2015

So the last of the Hobbit films is getting released on DVD for home purchase on April 20th here on the UK. So I thought it was the perfect time to have a wee recap of my favourite moments from the trilogy chronologically. Spoilers Alert!

The Trolls

The moment in An Unexpected Journey, when the trolls are arguing over how to cook the dwarves is just so comedic and is one of the first moments when you get to see a bit more of the dwarves personalities and Bilbo in the wild that I really enjoy it. It also proves that Bilbo is a bit craftier than he looks and makes the perfect Burglar for the Company.

Bilbo defending Thorin

When Bilbo leaps off the pine tree and saves Thorin from an orc, you really start to see how far he has come from being a mousy little hobbit to a dwarf-protecting warrior.

Bilbo and Smaug

In the Desolation of Smaug when Bilbo the Burglar ventures off in search of the Arkenstone and he meets the cunning Smaug I love it when they have a ‘chat’. Not only do you have the worm’s horde as a background, but Smaug genuinely is a bit creepy and monstrous!

Smaug drowning in gold

So I’ll admit it that I am a bit of a CGI fan, but this scene where the massive dwarf statue melts into a lake of liquid gold which burn Smaug is brilliant. Just the visuals on it are incredible.

Thorin discarding his crown

I really enjoyed in the final instalment of the trilogy,the Battle of the 5 Armies, when Thorin snaps out of his gold madness and throws away his crown. It’s nice to see him return to his former glory.

Dain Ironfoot Arrives

It’s a nice dramatic moment in an action packed film, and it does lift the spirits when Dain Ironfoot arrives from the Iron Mountains with his men. It's also reminiscent of some Lord of the Rings scenes.


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