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Poem- A Date Wasted

Updated on July 11, 2014

A Date Wasted

This is actually the first Poem I ever wrote. It was an English assignment that I had to write in high school and then present in front of the class. Everyone loved this poem and encouraged me to write more. (Funny story that goes with that actually, you should ask me more about it) After that day, I think I wrote like 6 other poems within the same week. Ever since then, I've been writing poems every now and then. I hope you enjoy it!

A Date Wasted, Destiny One Day, Tasted


The Gate Of Fate

I See No Where

What I Do

Is What I Care

No Destiny Before Me

No Place To Go

This Great Life I Have

Is All A Show

I Wanted Your Love

I Couldn't Get It

You Don't Even Know Me

So Just Forget It

My Time, You've Wasted

I Cannot Regain

You Words, So Hated

They've Caused Me Pain

I Won't Care Any Further

You Were Only A Chore

A Mistake In My Life

So We Are No More

Don't Talk To Me

I Have Nothing T Say

What We Had Has Faded

I'll See You Later Someday

I Got My Life To Live

I Got My Own Way

I'll Show You All Up

With My Destiny, One Day

Fate Gone

Date Gone

Live On....

© 2009 Johnathan David


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    • Johnathan David profile image

      Johnathan David 5 years ago

      @bulletproofchris It's my hope to do that but my time with school has been restricting my ability to do so. Hopefully, I can find time to write more soon...

      @Miranda Thanks! And Of course I will. :)

    • profile image

      Miranda 5 years ago

      I love this poem. Please write more:)

    • bulletproofchris profile image

      bulletproofchris 8 years ago from hutchinson, ks

      good hub...u are good with rhyme which not everyone can do, even good writers. keep on writing and if i may suggest that u take a leap and publish more poetry here. i just started letting people read my writing this year even though i've been writing secretly for many years. this site is so friendly and uplifting, it really made me come out of my shell and not be afraid to show my work...hope it does the same for you

    • Johnathan David profile image

      Johnathan David 8 years ago

      Thank You ABetha!!! =)

    • ABetha profile image

      ABetha 8 years ago from USA


    • Johnathan David profile image

      Johnathan David 8 years ago

      Wow. Thank You Very Much Pachuca213!

    • profile image

      Pachuca213 8 years ago

      I really liked this one as have a great amount of poetic talent in you!

    • rexy profile image

      rexy 8 years ago

      Nice. poem...l started my first poem in School...after 10 years or so...l entered that same poem to be semi finalist in a competition....after that stopping....My poems lend up in various book and anthologies ....So l hope and wish you the best into Poetry writting.....keep up the good work.....

      I am into Cyber poems...

      Hope you have time to read them on my hub..

    • Johnathan David profile image

      Johnathan David 8 years ago

      Jewels: Thanks for the encouragement.

      Ruby: There will definitely be more. Thanks.

      stricktlydating: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

    • stricktlydating profile image

      StricktlyDating 8 years ago from Australia

      Awsome Poem!

    • profile image

      Ruby Hamilton 8 years ago

      What a great poem , love to read more

    • Jewels profile image

      Jewels 8 years ago from Australia

      I like this. Hope you do show everyone. Live on.