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My First Poem Ever (Aged 14): a Love Poem...

Updated on January 23, 2011

a love poem: the backstory...

So I had this HUGE crush on my brother's best friend. I was 10. He was 12. And I fell in love with him the moment I saw him.

He was popular, cute, tall and all the girls liked him. And me? Well I was my brother's shy geeky little sister.

The rare times we did talk (if you can call it that), I couldn't even look at him let alone open my mouth.

At 14, I had the added worry of instant sweaty armpits to contend with every time he was remotely around me.

I was convinced he was the one.

Countries apart, he came to my neck of the woods on holiday. I skipped school for two days to go see him. The best two days of my short life! We talked, ate, watched TV, chilled. And it was just real cool, you know.

And that's when I wrote him a love poem. A short one, but I meant every frikkin word (at the time).

I could have told you I loved you so
but I kept it all inside
thinking you could see in my eyes
that I wanted to be with you

We pretended we weren't in love
afraid to let out the love in us
not knowing we wasted too much time
in letting our feelings show

Now we're apart, do you think of me?
do you cherish the time we shared?
We could start all over again
knowing we both love each other

(p.s.: no smirking... remember, I was 14 - it's my god-given right to be tacky at that age.)

I then turned the poor poem into a song. I'm obviously not gonna sing it to you...or else I'll have to kill you. :-) I think I sang it to him though, and he survived, just about, because love conquers all!

Either that or he wasn't listening.

Anyway I saw him again when I was 17...then we didn't see each other for another 15 years. To cut a long story short, when we finally did meet, we didn't get along AT ALL.

The End.

Moral of the Story...

I don't know. Erm, never write a love poem/song when you're that young unless you're a 14 year old Miley Cyrus or Britney Spears and can make loads of money off it???

Juuuust kidding.


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