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How 'Hands' Bring Success for All

Updated on April 12, 2018
Gods Gifts - hands
Gods Gifts - hands | Source
Hands help me to do many things
Hands help me to do many things | Source
Paint dreams
Paint dreams | Source
Flowers delights us
Flowers delights us | Source
Teacher draws on board to teach
Teacher draws on board to teach | Source
I write with my hand
I write with my hand | Source

Gods Gifts To Us

Hands are the most beautiful and important assets of Man. A man's success depends on how skill-fully he uses his hands to shine in his life. Man is able to hold objects with his hands and can make delicate motions. Hands are also used to touch and feel things. Man uses his hands to do amazing and innumerable things. Man uses hands for driving, cooking, typing, eating, cutting, writing, digging , painting , playing , swimming, stitching, ploughing, etc. Blind people learn by using their hands.The human hand also helps people to communicate with each other as a sign language.

The thumb is opposable to all other digits. A person needs to develop his dexterity, to become successful in any field. A man should also know how to manipulate things and accomplish the tasks with ease, with his hands.This poem tells, how hands are useful to us. They are part and parcel of our body. Hence, It is important of us to take care of our hands, for all the uses they do for us.


I have two hands,

To succeed in what ever I do,

Each hand with five fingers,

To bring success in my life.

Hands are the greatest gifts,

That God has given me,

It is with these hands that

I can do many things.

It is with these hands that

I can give and receive

It is with these hands that

I can build a fortune.

It is with these hands that

I can paint my dreams

It is with these hands that I can pray and thank God

For giving me hands.

A small poem for tiny tots

My little hands makes me to do

all my work

They help me to draw

and write.

I use them to play

And share with my friend.

I join them to pray

To God to give me strength.

This poem describes the various professions and how, hands help

the person to establish himself in that trade successfully.

With his hands , a sculptor, carves and pours,

life into stones, to make them come alive,

With his hands, an artist paints,

the dreams and emotions of life.

With his hands, a cook prepares,

delicious dishes, for others appetite,

With his hands, a plumber fixes pipes,

for water flow, to quench the thirst of people.

With his hands, an architect plans,

designs buildings, for others to live,

With his hands, a florist arranges,

colourful flowers, to delight eyes.

With his hands, a teacher writes

on board to children, to learn, and teaches,

With his hands, a driver steers the wheels,

to ferry people, to reach their destinations.

With his hands, a dancer expresses the emotions,

and feelings, by gestures and enthrals the audience,

With his hands, a tailor cuts and stitches,

cloth for others, to wear and for elegance.

With his hands, a surgeon eases pain,

by removing, the damaged and diseased parts,

With his hands, a gardener tends to plants,

for their growth, and makes the garden a paradise.

With his hands, a jeweller cuts intricate designs,

on yellow metal, to enhance beauty, for adornment on others,

With his hands, a choreographer teaches pupils, dance steps,

to learn and present, to people to bring joy on their faces.

With his hands, a photographer clicks photos,

of splendid sights, to awake in man, aesthetic values,

With his hands, a balloon man sells balloons,

red, blue, green. ... colour to lit up children's faces.

With his hands , a writer pens his thoughts of words,

on pages, to be read and enjoyed by others,

With his hands, a cricketer hits balls and fields,

for catches, to make runs and take wickets.

With his hands , a cartoonist sketches, funny portraits,

of people, to make others laugh,

With his hands, an archaeologist excavates,

earth, to revive past and reconstruct history.

With his hands, a receptionist makes and receives,

calls to make, arrangements for visitors and guests,

with his hands, a magician surprises onlookers,

by playing tricks, with different things.

With his hands, a farmer toils, on fields,

to yield crops, to feed the masses,

In his hands, Almighty lord has,

all of us, to take care of us.


I hope when you come to the end of this hub you will look at your hands and thank them for all the wonderful things that they do for you. Hands are treasures of our lives.Take care of them and use them to be successful.

Warm Wishes For Your Success

With your Hands


Which parts of the body, do you think are important for success?

See results
Spectacular Sun Set
Spectacular Sun Set | Source
Rock Formations
Rock Formations | Source

© 2011 vasantha T k


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    • vasantha  T k profile imageAUTHOR

      vasantha T k 

      4 years ago from Bangalore

      Thank you Sunkesner

    • Sunkesner profile image


      4 years ago from Philippines

      Lovely :)

    • vasantha  T k profile imageAUTHOR

      vasantha T k 

      4 years ago from Bangalore

      Have you realized how important our hands are to us, to bring success Read this;

    • vasantha  T k profile imageAUTHOR

      vasantha T k 

      6 years ago from Bangalore

      Thank you abbaelijah for your comments.

    • abbaelijah profile image


      7 years ago from Abuja - Nigeria

      nice hub!

      thanks for sharing

    • vasantha  T k profile imageAUTHOR

      vasantha T k 

      7 years ago from Bangalore

      Brett. Tesol ,

      elle64 ,

      Thanks for reading and leaving comments. Yes, we will be lost without hands. They give us life for our achievements.

      Have a good day.

    • elle64 profile image


      7 years ago from Scandinavia


    • Brett.Tesol profile image

      Brett C 

      7 years ago from Asia

      A great tribute to something we all take for granted, but without which we would be lost.

      Thanks for SHARING.

    • vasantha  T k profile imageAUTHOR

      vasantha T k 

      7 years ago from Bangalore

      Thank you Millionaire tips .

      Just 2 months before I had a fall and broke my left wrist. My hand was in plaster of paris for about one month. I had to do all my work with my right hand. It was a difficult task. I understood what all work can be done with single hand and what all works cannot be done with broken hand. It was interesting and amazing. I am able to type slowly now with my left hand.

      Best wishes.

    • Millionaire Tips profile image

      Shasta Matova 

      7 years ago from USA

      There are many people in my family who do crafts, and I have always admired my hands, and theirs as well. It is amazing what our hands can do.

    • vasantha  T k profile imageAUTHOR

      vasantha T k 

      7 years ago from Bangalore

      Thank you Vellur. Have a good day.

    • Vellur profile image

      Nithya Venkat 

      8 years ago from Dubai

      Wonderful. Beautifuuly written.

    • vasantha  T k profile imageAUTHOR

      vasantha T k 

      8 years ago from Bangalore

      Thank you blue bird for your comments. My best wishes to you.

    • bluebird profile image


      8 years ago

      Good job, really liked this! Keep it up, you're doing well!

    • vasantha  T k profile imageAUTHOR

      vasantha T k 

      8 years ago from Bangalore

      Movie master

      Thanks. Hands do so much for us. We should be grateful for that. warm wishes

      Jill of alltrades

      Thank you. I am happy that you also respect and love hands. Wish you all the best for your project on book hope to see soon. god luck

    • jill of alltrades profile image

      jill of alltrades 

      8 years ago from Philippines

      Beautiful hub about the hands.

      I too love hands. At the moment, I am actually compiling photos about hands and would like to come up with an exhibit or a book about them. Next to the face, I think they are the most expressive part of our body.

      Voted up and beautiful!

    • Movie Master profile image

      Movie Master 

      8 years ago from United Kingdom

      A lovely hub vasantha and a good reminder we just shouldn't take things for granted and become complacent!


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