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My Head Aches

Updated on February 27, 2012

My Head Aches

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Static crackles in my head,

its incessant onslaught a pain unsaid,

clouding thoughts, perhaps I dead,

no... that pinch hurt, I’m here instead.

The droning sound of human strife,

exuding pain and fractured life,

my brain an antenna, my mind a cup,

the refuse of loss and grief is up.

Confounding my own considered path,

the distraction my life its aftermath,

drowning me in pointless gloop,

it’s difficult you know to stay aloof.

I wish this noise would go to bed,

and let me rest my aching head,

those screaming souls that test me so,

are relentless, gruff and won’t let go.

I can’t help you all so stand back please,

your demands too much for my ache to ease,

please take a ticket and I’ll be there soon,

when hell freezes over and you can sing in tune.

Let me out this office of dull complaint,

I am not employed; it’s not my mistake,

I just want silence not troubles to repair,

please give me leave, let me breathe fresh air.

I’m sure your problems can be fixed some way,

but not by me, and not this way,

please hold your tongues for someone else,

and return my life my cards been dealt.

Let me live now, and I’ll talk to you when I’m dead.

Thank you very much.


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