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My Heart Breaks: My Movie Script in Hollywood

Updated on December 2, 2011

My Heart Breaks is my original movie script currently being read by a few production companies in LA. It is a gripping story spanning many years. The opening scenes are factual. The only change was that no woman survived killing. As I wrote this, I could hear the dialog and see the images. Let me know what you think.



A dimly lit sun pierces through a slender veil of high clouds. Frozen ice glistens amongst the stark naked branches of nearby trees. Virgin snow covers the ground like a thick white cream.

DARK FIGURES appear on the horizon. GERMAN SOLDIERS signal to a group of one hundred threadbare, ragged and naked WOMEN, directing them under the soldiers' watchful eyes.

The group of women are comprised of young, old and crippled. Some fall onto the snow only to be KICKED and rifle-butted by the soldiers. The soldiers laugh and enjoy this as they mock the women on the long journey. The women SHIVER from the cold and wind. All are fearful.

KADIA is among the youngest at twenty years old. The wind blows snow onto her face and long dark hair. Her ripped and tattered clothes barely cover her slender body. Her partial naked body reveals it is thin, weak, and hollow. Kadia bends down to tie the shoelace of her one shoe that she wears. Her face shows dark circles around her eyes and cracked, dry lips. An OLD LADY of sixty-five years falls next to her. Kadia CRAWLS over to the lady but is suddenly SHOVED from the rear into the snow. A German soldier laughs. Kadia quickly gets up and moves away. The old lady is left behind as the group continues moving. The cold wind HOWLS and snow begins to cover the motionless, old lady.


The cold is bitter. The wind rakes us. Our bodies are ice. We feel

nothing. We are herded like cattle

to a special place. Another death pit

for the Jew.

The group approaches a huge, deep, open pit. The women whimper and cry openly in uncontrollable fear. Kadia's mother, CONSTANCE, fifty years old, looks at Kadia. Tears roll down Kadia's cheeks. Constance, with her dark circles under her eyes, black-gray hair, and wrinkled skin, stands firm but battered. Kadia's older sister, NASHIA, is twenty-seven and seven months pregnant. Nashia's light brown hair contrasts with the white snow, her breasts are large and her body robust. Nashia stares at her mother sadly. Kadia GRIPS her sister's hand, the squeeze is tight, they look at one another. A faint grin appears. Kadia's eyes fill with tears. She shivers. Nashia grabs her mother's hand. Teeth CHATTER from the cold. Her mother wipes a tear off Nashia's cheek. More tears roll down.

The group of women are barbarically pushed into the pit.


(very loud)


The women look up startled. The thirty-five German soldiers begin to surround the pit, checking their rifles. The soldiers casually make jokes about the women below. A small bonfire is lit and many soldiers take a smoke break. Other soldiers meander about, some THROW snowballs at the women.

Kadia, her mother, and sister quickly HUG one another.They each exchange "I love you" to one another. Suddenly, a GERMAN OFFICER appears in the distance as the snow swirls by the wind. Soldiers quickly begin to line up around the edge of pit. The German officer features are BLURRY. The wind gusts, blowing more snow onto the HUDDLED groups of women. The officer quickly scans the pit as snow hits his face. He calmly walks over to a nearby soldier and whispers into his ear.



Jews...lie down...down !

The soldier GESTURES with his hands. The women LIE down in the snow, face down. Many cry loudly and hysterically. Kadia, her mother and sister LIE down next to one another. Kadia closes her eyes and grimaces reflecting pain. Their bodies touch one another. They shiver uncontrollably as they exchange glances.


I love you, mother...I...


I know dear..I love you. This will soon be over.


Mother..Kadia..I love you poor

baby..oh my God..

Nashia begins to sob.

KADIA you recall….


Kadia..Nashia.. what else is there to

say ?

Kadia and Nashia look at one another. Kadia wipes the tears off of Nashia's cheek. Next to Kadia, another woman is hysterically mumbling jibberish about forgiveness of sins, while other women attempt to console one another. Snowfall drifts down heavily.


Get rid of this vermin! Now!

A few soldiers race to one end of the pit. Nothing more is heard. FAINT whimpers and cries mix with the HOWLING wind. Voices WHISPER begging for their lives.


I wanted to look up.

A gunshot CRACKLES followed by an echo. Kadia GRIPS her sister's hand tightly. A few footsteps crunch the snow. Another gunshot. With each gunshot, Kadia JERKS. Kadia peeks upward to see a soldier moving towards each woman, AIMING his pistol at their head, firing. Kadia JERKS. The soldier continues in this execution style. Row after row. Kadia looks at her mother. Her mother cries yet smiles. More gunshots, more footsteps. Each time, the footsteps grow louder.


The soldier was not far now. I buried my head in the snow.

The soldier approaches Nashia first. Nashia is uncontrollable and in a FRENZY. She GRABS the soldier's boot.



Let me live..I am pregnant..I have done

nothing..please..I want to live !

The gun FIRES. Nashia FALLS onto Kadia.


I gripped my mother's arm. Then...Nashia's

warm blood flowed onto me...then silence.

The gun fires. Kadia JERKS, more blood SPLATTERS onto Kadia's head and body. The GRIP between Kadia and her mother LOOSENS. Kadia PEEKS at her mother and WHIMPERS.

A constant, mechanical hum is FAINTLY heard. The noise grows LOUDER and is distinctly of an airplane. The monotone sound changes into a screeching WHINE. Explosions SHAKE the earth nearby. The German soldiers are yelling in a sudden CHAOS. They run to take cover while others FIRE their machine guns. Kadia peeks, lifting her head from the prone position. Standing over her is the soldier. She sees the gun barrel but the soldier is looking towards the sky and commotion. Kadia secretly stretches her arm to her mother. In agony, Kadia places her hand over her mother's wound soaking her hand with blood. Quickly, she SMEARS it in her hair and face.

The plane STREAKS by. The LOUD WHINE is unbearable, it shakes the ground and fires it's machine guns. The explosions stop. The WHINE grows FAINT and FAINTER until silence returns.


I prayed...I held my breath...I held

my breath a long time ...

I was suffocating.



The twenty-two year old soldier stands over Kadia. He is STARTLED and DISTRACTED but refocuses on Kadia. He AIMS his pistol at Kadia's head. He pauses. Indecision. The red blood highlights against the white snow. Blood FLOWS onto Kadia. The soldier SHOVES her. He KICKS her. He POKES her.


(very loud)

What is the problem? Continue!

The soldier hesitates and slowly moves past Kadia to the next woman. He GLANCES back. There is no movement in Kadia. He fires his gun. The soldier continues to the next woman, fires his gun in a more HURRIED manner. Kadia quickly GASPS air and holds her breath, holding it until the soldier is very distant. Gunshots continue in an endless progression. Gunshots FADE until stopping. Dusk arrives and fades into night.

Kadia CAUTIOUSLY lifts her head, taking quick glances in both directions. Far off, she sees the soldiers huddle, warming themselves at a nearby bonfire. They talk and laugh in German. Kadia SHIVERS and SHAKES. She CRAWLS to a nearby woman and quickly removes her clothing and shoes. She pauses to touch her mother and sister while crying on her knees. Her mother and sister are STIFF.



Goodbye, I will always love

you both.

Kadia raises herself cautiously, GLANCING around. She STUMBLES to climb the pit wall away from the soldiers and disappears into the blackness.



The streets are RUBBLE, the buildings SHATTERED, people run in a CHAOTIC rush. Women and children sift through garbage FIGHTING over scraps. Rats scamper from DECAY. Artillery shells whine down from the sky erupting in huge EXPLOSIONS. Pieces of buildings and people fly. Everyone rushes to a refuge, a blown out building. Russian airplanes race across at low altitudes with DEAFENING noise, firing their machine guns. People are killed in rapid progression on the boulevards. Unshaven old men and teenagers in ill-fit, tattered, dirty German uniforms armed with rifles and bazookas appear. They MEEKLY hide behind walls and street blockades waiting for Russian tanks. An OLD MAN of sixty years old throws down his weapon in disgust, and runs away. A SS OFFICER spots him.


Halt! Halt!

The Old man continues to run. The SS officer quickly pulls out his pistol, aims and fires. The old man drops dead. The officer looks at a thirteen year old BOY.


Get his weapon. Take his boots. Go!

The boy runs over to the old man, takes his weapon and boots. A Russian tank appears with Russian soldiers. The tank fires at the boy, killing him. The Germans fire their bazookas, missing the tank.


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    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thanks, it is just at the reader stage. Once a reader approves, it then goes to an analyst, it is a long road..

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      If the script is in the hands of executives with the possibility of being optioned, I would advise that you not post anymore pages at this time. I actually would advise against posting any pages at all due if the script is under negotiations. Just my two cents.

    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      I will and it is more wordy than other scripts O have penned, but it adds so much more. Scripts are usually more bare bones, which is good and bad.

    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Hi perrya,

      It was good although I am surprised you were permitted to write so much detail in your script. Most scripst I have studied have very few details provided. It is a writer's script for certain. Break a leg and let me know how it turns out.


    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thanks, and that was only the first 5 pages. As a writer, you must seize and capture the reader, if you don't, they will not read on. Should I post more?

    • Happyboomernurse profile image

      Gail Sobotkin 

      7 years ago from South Carolina

      Very vivid, graphic, realistic and heartbreaking. The cruelty of the soldiers is horrific. You made us really care about the three women and even for the unborn child.


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