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My Heart Just Walked Away

Updated on January 13, 2010

My Heart Just Walked Away by Candace Brown

Well, yesterday I was cooking a meal

with tears flowing from my eyes

Wondering how I got to this place

What the hell happened to my life

I mourned, I cried, I screamed, I yelled

without any response at all

I really needed someone to talk to but I had noone to call

I took a pill and a shot of Jack

and layed for a drunken nap

I woke up to find a hole in my chest

And a bloody note on my lap

It simple said, I'm sick of the shit

who the hell do you think that you are

To stress me, strain me, to abuse me like this

You've gone absolutely too far

I stood by you through all the times when life was just too much

But theres been too many of those tearful days so I have completely given up

So ' on vacation for a little while please don't call or write

And if you come to look for me I don't want you in my sight

You didn't cherish how precious I was you let Miss hormones take control

You know Ms Hormones is on out for fun and she follows all the hoes

So wheres Miss Hormones for you now when being cute just isn't enough

She gave you lust, excitement and pleasure and sometimes a sore butt

But I did you a favor and tied that bitch up she will never control you again

And no matter how much she tries to convince you Miss Hormones is not your friend

I also gave you the biggest blessing to help you to stay sane

I talked to a friend and he decided to move in

His name is Mr Brain

Mr. Brain is a cunning man that will cut through all the crap

He will help you make good decisions and give you your life back

And when hes done and you're a complete lady ready to make it alone

I will come back in and show you the way to love the right one.


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