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My Broken Heart Overflows with Tears of Sorrow: a poem

Updated on March 24, 2012
I cannot stop my tears of sorrow
I cannot stop my tears of sorrow

my heart is so heavy

i cannot breath

i am overwhelmed

needing air.

a life so precious

has been taken

my soul aches

as my thoughts are scrabbled

forever unclear ...

who could take a life so precious

rip the soul from heart

watch the last breath

and flee?

what did she live with

fear, anxiety, confusion?

how did she get there

such a beauty to behold,

protecting her children

their souls, their lives

their beings.

a senseless murder

no more brutal could it be

how could he watch what he was doing

as her life drained in the form of blood

on his hands, in his eyes and on his soul forever.

to live in fear of being killed

to wake each day wondering if today is the day

must be a horrifying place to be

and I pray that anyone

who is in that place leaves now

with God's grace.


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    • eye say profile image

      eye say 6 years ago from Canada

      Anne, thanks for sharing, the ripple effect has been felt nationwide, I am very sad not to be able to be there but know that the walls of the church will be exploding with overwhelming love...

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 6 years ago from Canada

      kwill thank you for your thoughtful words, writing I hope will help get me through this... thank you for the blessings

    • profile image

      Anne McNamara Kinley 6 years ago

      The news about this special woman's tragic death is hurtful to all of us in the community. Knowing that she is related to someone I am related to on the other side, sadly makes it more real. Her funeral Mass is at the church where my uncle had previously been the Pastor. An angel in life now surely an angel in heaven to watch over her children. She is with her mom in heaven now and they will watch over her sons. God Bless all of the family on both sides and the many friends who knew her. The ripple effect of this tragedy and the people who have been touched is amazing.

    • profile image

      kwill510 6 years ago

      Wow, I'm sorry for your lost eye say may God be with you and your family through this unbearable time in your life. I wish you the best and I think writing about it is a form of healing. Take care and God bless you and your family.

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 6 years ago from Canada

      thank you cclitgirl, I will and I appreciate your words, the way we lost her was just so cruel

    • cclitgirl profile image

      Cynthia Calhoun 6 years ago from Western NC

      Keep writing. It will help you heal. My brother was killed in a car accident about 8 months ago and I started writing...furiously. Time will heal...but somehow it doesn't ever make the actual loss fade away. So sorry for your loss. Sending you warm thoughts full of sympathy.

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 6 years ago from Canada

      thank you sasanka7, I am overwhelmed with grief, but need to breath for my family... I have to get through this.

    • sasanka7 profile image

      sasanka7 6 years ago from Calcutta, India

      A brilliant mournful expression.