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My Invisible Father (chapter 1)

Updated on July 22, 2015

Chapter 1

The nearly malfunctioning doorbell screeched. Silence. Then there was a frantic, annoying knock at the door. A nearby barking dog was both bothered and wondering. Then there were more desperate knocks. The dog seemed to be mocking the knocking with its barking. Finally the porch light flicked on. The chained door opened. A largely built dark woman in a red and white, horizontal striped robe and hair rollers peeped through the partially opened door.

“May I help you?”

The faintly gray-haired gentleman on the other side of the heavy, wooden door seemed hesitant to answer. The younger man next to him leaned over in front and spoke instead. “Hello. Are you Ms. Foster?”

“Yes, I am. Who are you?”

“Ms. Foster,” the older gentleman snapped back and began to speak, “I’m Detective Robert Glen; this is Detective Arthur Jackson. Ma’am, I’m sorry for disturbing you at this hour, but are you the mother of Jayron Foster?”

The eleven o’clock hour had Caron looking inside her brain for just a quick moment as she was wondering where her son could be at this hour. “Yes,” Ms. Foster answered. Then her lip quivered, adding up the fact that two detectives were asking about her son. She stuttered out her next words. “What’s….wha…wha…what’s wrong with my son? Where is he?” The quivering words became screaming words as she crescendoed her questions. “What happened? My baby! Did something happen to him?”

“Ms. Foster,” Detective Jackson jumped back in seeing his partner was still shaken. “Jayron was killed tonight. We will need you to come down to identify the body.”

“What? What happened?”

As Jackson was beginning to tell her about Jayron’s death, Caron Foster let out a loud screech and began wailing as a couple small children came running into the narrow and dimly lit hallway. Detective Glen continued to look baffled as Detective Jackson looked at Ms. Foster with a consoling glare. She literally fell into the waiting arms of Jackson which delayed him from telling her the particulars of the unfortunate incident.

Jayron was Caron’s oldest child; her oldest of three children. He was only 15 years old. He was supposed to be the man of the house considering that he nor his brother and sister had ever known a father in their home during their lifetime. Jayron was always responsible for making sure young Jace and Joscelyn got home safely from school, ate, and did their homework. He assigned them chores and watched over them as they performed their various tasks while her mother worked a job and a half on most days. Jayron proved to be a responsible big brother until he turned 15. For the past 8 months, Jayron had been neglecting his 8 and 10 year old siblings more and more. Jayron had been hanging out with his friends daily while Jace and Joscelyn had to fetch for themselves lately.

Caron knew what was going on with Jayron and was greatly concerned about him. She felt that he was winding down a deadly road. She wasn’t completely surprised when the two detectives passed along the deadly news. She had a feeling that this night was inevitable. She just didn’t know when. And when the time did come, she couldn’t believe the time had actually come. She knew a couple of the guys Jayron was hanging with. She knew their reputations and saw their distaste for living morally. As much as she prayed for Jayron’s protection, she had a very strong feeling that he would eventually die a violent death in the streets of South St. Louis due to his strong ties to gang members and drug dealers. But when the detectives explained to her that his death was not due to a gang war or a drug deal gone bad, she was flabbergasted. Her tears stopped in their tracks as she could not believe what the detectives told her; how Jayron was killed surprised Caron to the point that she became angry at herself for his death. And although the detectives did not know why he died this tragic death, eventually they all would be shocked to find out the motive behind his death.


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