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My King My All: A Review

Updated on August 13, 2015
The front cover made by V. C. Remus himself.
The front cover made by V. C. Remus himself.

Centuries before steam technology, a powerful empire ruled the lands of Falone. The uncontested tour de force was ruled by a prominent family. That is, before everything crumbled. Good kings controlled their lands not with swords, but with their eyes. When the plague came to blind every man, woman, and child, desperation arrived, breeding a revolution none could escape. Alexander Cady fled his disease-ridden hamlet in search of a cure, but what he discovered along the way changed his life forever.

Hooked Right Away

This new novel was literally just published, and I was one of the lucky ones to get my hands on this a little earlier. My King My All is a fantasy novel written by V. C. Remus and is the first in a series of prequels to Remus's bestselling novel The Dockland Kingslayer.

I was hooked right away and I immediately took a liking to the main character, Alexander Cady. Just like Remus's first novel this one also has a very original, unpredictable, and very exciting plot. The plot shares a few minor similarities with The Dockland Kingslayer but it is still very different, in a good way. And let's not forget the gorgeous cover that just screams, "Buy me, buy me!"

Better than the First One

This was definitely better than Remus's first novel. It is shorter, more action-packed and less political, which I consider an improvement. Also there are less characters involved, which makes it harder to lose track of everyone.

I felt so much sympathy for Alexander and he's an awesome character and much more interesting than Alistair, the protagonist of The Dockland Kingslayer, who was also an interesting character.

The Story

The story starts with Alexander going to the city in search for a cure for an illness, which has taken both his father and mother and has been transmitted to his little sister, his last living relative, whom he is determined to save no matter the cost. That is when things start to get messy. He suddenly finds himself on the run from the law with a bounty on his head, which turns all of his neighbors against him and he is forced to abandon his childhood home.

Overall it was very enjoyable and I found myself completely lost in this engaging tale. I am very much looking forward to the sequel. My advice to anyone considering giving this novel a goo, is to read The Dockland Kingslayer first, although I'm sure it can be read as a stand-alone but trust me, it is much more exciting to read this after having read the other book. I won't disclose too much here but reading The Dockland Kingslayer first will give this story much more meaning and depth and make the overall reading experience much more interesting.

My King My All can be purchased on Amazon for 0,99 for the kindle ebook version and 8,99 for the paperback.

About V. C. Remus

V.C. Remus holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Northern Illinois University. He is an economist, chess instructor, runner, RPG enthusiast, musician, songwriter, and an avid reader of all genres. He hails from Chicago, Illinois and owns three bunnies. To escape studying for his Series 7 and 63 examinations, he writes fantasy novels. His “Steamworks in the Bylea” was imagined on a late night in June of 2013 and completed on an early February morning in 2015. His first novel and first volume in the "Steamworks in the Bylea" series, The Dockland Kingslayer was published in 2015 and the sequel is due in 2016.

Check out the review for the sequel, The Dockland Kingslayer, here.


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