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My Life Is A GreenHouse.

Updated on December 26, 2009

My Life Is A Greenhouse.


Time is a tightly

sealed window
through which we

can look back,
through dusty pains,
or crystal clear memories,
and view what

we have left
outside of

our lives.

A panoramic,

melancholy glimpse,
over landscapes

we once walked,
but will seldom

cross again.

The present

is the place
where we are housed
amidst the many

windows to before.

Our roots

are temporary

the many stages

of our lives

replotted over

and over again,

and often watered

with tears

We wander here

for just a short while,
comtemplating the door,
which is the future,
through which we will exit,
adding one

more window,
to the endless

portals of the past.








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