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My Life Story - A Hubbook

Updated on January 26, 2018
jackclee lm profile image

Jack is currently a volunteer at the Westchester County Archives. Jack has worked at IBM for over 28 years.


My name is Jack Lee and I am writing a new hubbook that tells my life story so far. It is an autobiography that spans over 60 years from Taiwan where I was born to America where I live today in the suburb of New York City. I have divided the book into chapters that are chronological but with some overlaps. I hope to add to this periodically. It will take a while to complete all chapters. (The completed chapters have links)

Started: Sept. 2015

Update History:

Mar. 2016, made some changes - Some Famous People I met.

April 12, 2016 - Created a new chapter on My Early Job Experiences and removed some from My College Years.

April 13, 2016 - Created a new chapter Some Details on My Projects by moving them from the body of the autobiography.

May 22, 2016 - I've attended a workshop on memoir writing and discovered that what I've written is really an autobiography instead of a memoir. It is good to know.


This is the story of my life so far. It is an autobiography but also includes some wisdom and life lessons. It contains people, events, stories, opinions and wisdom that are stored in the memory banks of my brain. It is a collection of thoughts that embodies who I am. My target audiences are my kids and future grand kids, my family members and extended family, my friends and colleagues.

When I started this 6 months ago, I did not intend it to be so long. As I began to recall events, more information and details started to come to me. Taking the advice from my writer's group, I decided to include them so that they can be edited out later. My struggle was to reach a balance between personal narratives and technical details. I believe both are necessary to explain where I'm coming from. I've always been interested in history and preservation and want to document some of my past accomplishments.

The total contains 24 chapters including over 34,000 words and many photos and links to my other publications. It was a daunting task but I'm glad I did it. After sharing with some colleagues, I have inspired a few of them to start their own memoir.


This hub (web pages) is a Web 2.0 design taking advantage of all the features of HubPages. It was written in approximately 6 months time and comprises of 24 Chapters. Some of the Chapters are also hubbooks that was written over the course of the past year. A hubbook is a collection of hubs that all relates to a particular subject. Each hub can be read independently and not in sequential order. Each hub also contains images, links and some Amazon products (usually books that are related to that Chapter). There is also a comment section at the end of each hub. Feel free to provide feedback, comments, suggestions, and corrections.

My style of writing is simple and straight forward. I try to abide by the simple rule of not repeating what may already exist. I will provide in-line links or additional info links towards the end of each hub.


I hope you enjoyed reading my story. I welcome feedback and comments. A word about the comments module. At the end of each Chapter, there is a Comment section. You don't need to be a HubPages user to comment. The way it works, you can be a guest user just by entering your name and write your comment. Once it is submitted, it will not appear right away. I will be notified by an email and I will have the opportunity to review it before deciding to post. In most cases, this would happen shortly but there are times when it could take a day or so. Don't worry, it will be posted. There are some cases where the comment may be personal or may be off topic such that I will choose to keep it private. I will usually send an acknowledgement to the sender. Thanks for reading.

Please check back periodically as I append to this hubbook.


© 2015 Jack Lee


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    • jackclee lm profile image

      Jack Lee 14 months ago from Yorktown NY

      Thanks for stopping by. I wrote this for my kids but you might find part of it interesting. The beauty of hubpages is that you don't need to read it from start to finish.

    • Buildreps profile image

      Buildreps 14 months ago from Europe

      I've bookmarked this Hub because I like to read it but have no time for it yet. Very interesting, Jack Lee!