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Living A Life With Asthma

Updated on June 5, 2016

It is so hard living a life with asthma

with medication to help sustain life,

as your lungs close up and tighten

with a pain that cuts like a knife.

As I awake with my lungs very empty

so I reach for an inhaler to breath,

two puffs of the blue and two of the red

as I lay back and wait to be relieved.

With allergens and dander's a life's nightmare

and of aerosols and a world full of dust,

giving my asthma inconsiderable problems

where medication I know is a must.

No longer can I run or exercise like before

for I am aware of my asthmatic life,

and of the long lonely days I must give in to rest

By keeping up with my medication of healthy law.

As I sit in my window and watch others play and come back

from the earliest of morning and most of the day,

but for me I make sure my inhalers are ready

in case of that dreaded named asthma attack.

Of days that are too bad I get steroids to take

and for me to battle on each and every day

with antibiotics to help my body awake

in a lifestyle of inhalers, that's my road, it's my way.

With the wheezing and breathing

taking it's toll on my day,

as I hold my hands tightly

where on knees I do pray.

For my day to go smoothly

and for my medication to kick in,

as I see my friends playing

in a game I cannot win.

But I am lucky in having

no wires to plug in

of oxygen or masks

of further battles to begin,

as I just rely on what I feel is the best

and not over exhort my body

but put it to rest.

So now as I go to bed with one final will

that my asthma relaxes

with my nightly breathing pill,

and gives me the strength

to get through this long night

and hope that my asthma will give up on it's fight.


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    • peter.matthews profile image

      Peter W Matthews 6 years ago from West Sussex, England

      Hello Drummond1758, sadly I am no longer a child. My asthma did seem to go when I was 8 years old, but it came back again when I was in my twenties, I am now 50 years old and my asthma I can now manage but it will no longer clear up.

      And thank you Tamarawilhite. I do prefer to use anything that is best for the environment, but I do use a inhaler which I believe is a CFC inhaler which is the only one which goes into my spacer.

    • Drummond1758 profile image

      Drummond1758 6 years ago from Tacoma, Washington

      Keep hangin' in there. I had asthma as a child and it got better as I got older. I don't know how old you are so maybe that will be the case for you. I also take alot of vitamin C and that really helps, especially on winter days when the cold air gets into your lungs and starts the wheezing and coughing. Good luck to you.

    • tamarawilhite profile image

      Tamara Wilhite 6 years ago from Fort Worth, Texas

      What is your opinion of CFC-free inhalers compared to those with CFCs in managing asthma?