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My Life's Passions are My Writer's Inspiration

Updated on March 9, 2016
Seafarer Mama profile image

Seafarer Mama/Karen has been writing since she was ten. She is a published author & finds inspiration from a variety of sources & settings.


A fellow writer once asked me a provocative question: "What motivates you as a writer?" In answer, I must state that my motivation for writing each day is energized by the subjects that inspire me. The wild elements of the world are so alive and ready to speak to us, asking us to give them a voice; they are the things that motivate me to write. I am compelled to write, for this is the way that I am called to feed the soul of my readers. This is my life's mission: to be a soulful storyteller in words and pictures.

Where I love to think and write:

"Winged Claw in Stone"
"Winged Claw in Stone" | Source
"Bench Concentric - Sepia"
"Bench Concentric - Sepia" | Source
"Contemplation on (Charles) River"
"Contemplation on (Charles) River" | Source
"Crockery Row" (representing my garden)
"Crockery Row" (representing my garden) | Source
Pumpkin Mousse Dessert in a fancy dish.  I love to write about my adventures with cooking/baking
Pumpkin Mousse Dessert in a fancy dish. I love to write about my adventures with cooking/baking | Source

The world offers a cornucopia of inspiration


I write to keep the soul of the world foremost in my reader's minds. What are we if we are merely automatons that move only at another person's bidding? What are we if we surround ourselves with lifeless mechanical or cheap plastic objects that serve no real purpose but to take up space and collect dust? Instead, I believe that as humans, we are meant to move in harmony with the world we are in, the world we have been given to abide in for a while. That is our greatest gift. My motivation for writing is to give voice to the elements of the natural world, both the wondrous, awe-inspiring ones and the gentle, quiet ones.


Not only have we been given the gift at birth of a wonderful world to love, move around in, and enjoy, we have the capacity to learn about how our world works in great detail. This takes time and patience, for it requires many hours of close observation. Yet those observations feed the soul through our sense of wonder.


I do not write in isolation.The world is my company, whether I am actively interacting with it or just sitting in a chair or on a bench, with nature as my quiet companion. I love to tell the stories of my fellow human beings, too. Those who quietly move around the world with courage and conviction are those whose stories I love to write. I love to write about those whose lives do not conform to what is popular, but live lives of integrity; they make the best of their lives by the love they bring to each other, the humanity they share with one another, the ways in which they look after one another. I love to tell the stories of humans who are the living embodiment of the phoenix, and rise from life's ashes over and over again.

Inspiration from the feminine muse

A Thousand Mornings: Poems
A Thousand Mornings: Poems

Mary Oliver's poems are exercises in attentiveness to her muse through observing the New England nature that surrounds her.


Inspirations for my writing

Nature: "Doll's Eye" found in the woods
Nature: "Doll's Eye" found in the woods | Source
Music: My enchanting mandolin
Music: My enchanting mandolin | Source
Architecture: View through the old stone bridge in North Conway, NH
Architecture: View through the old stone bridge in North Conway, NH | Source
Architecture: Mission bell at Stonehurst Manor
Architecture: Mission bell at Stonehurst Manor | Source

My Inspirations

The things that inspire me are also the things that motivate me to write:


My passion for nature, especially the sea, floods my mind, heart, and hand with the desire to express my appreciation in words, whether they be in the form of prose or poetry. Time by the ocean or sitting in my garden moves me to discover new ideas and perspectives, which I often love to share.


I often love to write about music, or in response to music that stirs me. I love to write about both listening to and making music. Some of my favorite places to be are where live music can be heard often.

Natural Art and Architecture

It is often fun to study and interact with art and architecture made of natural objects. There is strength and permanence in them. They are anchors. They warm my heart and soul with the sense of security they give me, and I often love to write about my experiences with them afterward.

Dabbling in the Culinary Arts

I love to eat and to cook, and I love to feed my family and friends good food. This passion is also shared by my daughter, who loves to help me in the kitchen. More often than not, I adapt recipes to my own tastes, and occasionally I create my own dish, like a soup or a dessert. Since this gives me great pleasure, and since I love to share my discoveries with others, writing about them is natural next step for me.

My Muses

My Daughter , whose imagination and sense of wonder spark many moments in each day that I love to capture through writing.

My Husband , with whom I have enjoyed many moments of fun inspired by our shared interests. We love to watch movies together, participate in book discussion groups together, and spend time having fun with our daughter.

The Elements , which are wild, raw, and fearsome; yet they also give us what we need to live - food, water, light, air, and land. They tap the wild, unconscious shadow in me, and in all of us.

Other Writers who are good at what they do - both classic and contemporary - are inspiring to me. I love Coleridge for his sea stories. I love Poe for his dark poetry and Gothic short stories. Recently, I have discovered the idea of Micro Fiction, very short stories of 500 words or less. Capturing single scenes of action and setting is a very fun exercise.

My Writer's Group keeps me writing new material that I often use in my hubs, or additional snippets for bigger pieces that I have been working on "offline."

*Hub Credit: This hub has been written in response to a question posed by CloudExplorer, "What motivates you as a writer?"

© 2012 Karen A Szklany


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    • Seafarer Mama profile image

      Karen A Szklany 5 years ago from New England

      Thank you, Ruby. Glad that you enjoyed this hub enough to read some of my other ones. Thank you for letting me know. I am inspired to take a look at your profile and hubs.

    • Ruby H Rose profile image

      Maree Michael Martin 5 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

      Absolutely beautiful, so much so, I read some of the other hubs. We share some common writing inspirations. Way to go!