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My Little Vessel of Hatred

Updated on July 26, 2013

My Little Vessel of Hatred

My Little Vessel of Hatred
From a far she glistens, like a goblet of fire, with golden rays like the sun. They call her the spawn, but I call her mine. Oh dear, dear, dear, my sweet infant, now no older than me. Her hair of a flowing ray, her eyes pierce through to your soul, and with one word can stop men in their tracks; I know I have to protect her from the pitch forks that will show at the doo...r one day.
In a midst of the woody forest that surrounds our little cottage I can hear the screams as she fly’s through the night. My dear spawn I release you to the world, feed and nurture your hunger. Don’t let the fear rise up, take it and throw it aside, and ride up in the sky. Like my little vessel of hatred, you feed.
Eating away like cancer, I feel the heartbeat, you retreat. No matter where the pain falls, let the pain pass you by and fall upon me, for I can handle the remorse of the pure mortal beings, who do not understand the love I have for my sweetest of children. My one, and only seedling, even if you are the progeny of satin himself, my love cannot subside. Maybe it is a voodoo spell that I am under, but I cannot let you rid from my life.
We are twined of braids, bond and glued we are together no matter if they take me away to hell, at least I will always have you, because even if one day they take you after sending me I will always know we will be together for eternity. Bound like the swine that gnaws the gristle of a bone. My pure hell hound, who walks straight in heart. In my eye you are perfect, no matter how much blood is spilled, I will clean the pot of the stew you stir. For you are mine oh mine for I’m the only to control you, for you are the only in my head. My great and powerful friend: imagination.


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