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My Love

Updated on June 3, 2015

How did it end like this?

We were mad and upset.

After everything

All we knew was the love we had for each other.

All we cared about was one another.

You were the best part of my day.

Your smile was all I ever wanted to see.

Your laugh was all I ever wanted to hear.

Now I see and hear nothing.

I just sit at you grave.

Hoping you will see and hear my thoughts.

And know I'm still thinking of you.

I think of you in silence.

I think of you in noise.

I think of you at night

And everyday of my life.

Remember when we used to skate?

Oh, how those times were great.

I wish I could go back

And change every thing that slacked.

I wish I had said "I love you"

Instead of "I hate you"

You were all I knew.

I wanted you.

Till the very last breath.

Till the very last time I eer saw your wrikled face.

Till the last I love you.

Till the last I do.


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