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My Love Hate Relationship with Writing

Updated on April 16, 2012
Snoopy Typing
Snoopy Typing | Source

I've never considered myself a person an arts person. In fact my earliest interest in any subject stemmed from my fascination with how the world around me worked and I realized that a lot of the answers I sought were in books on science. My mother, being a teacher, always saw the need to surround my sisters and I with books. With this knowledge at my disposal I realized that reading was really a way for me to gain knowledge about my own interests and not just something that my primary school teachers made me do, just for torture - why else?

However, despite my love of the sciences, I did take a shine to creative writing. I loved being able to transport myself into another place, with a little imagination, and encapsulate those visions in words. But even in this, I had to have some 'incentive' such as good overall grades or maybe even no licks for doing my homework - you know, that sort of thing.

As I got older could determine more of what my studies would be, I naturally stuck with what interested me most. It wasn't writing, I can tell you that now! But through my various educational pursuits, I've had to develop some writing skills - if you can call my muddling about with words 'develop.'

There are many facets about writing that intrigue me but there are others that are a little daunting. In the following sections, I explore some of these areas that I love/hate about writing.

Writing Helps Me Express My Thoughts

The biggest reason I like writing is that it helps me arrange and express my thoughts more clearly than I ever could sepaking. I'm not really an orator and I find that I can convey a meaning (or at least I believe I can) much better through the written medium. I usually fumble through words when I speak with long pauses while I try to find the appropriate word express exactly I want to say. It's the main reason I don't like to speak impromptu in front of large audiences. I find though, that if I have a chance to prepare, I can scribble down what I want to say, read it over to myself and adjust the phrasing to exactly my liking. Let me tell you, it takes me a while sometimes before I get it exactly how I want it - sometimes though I may have to settle for the expression that I used because there just isn't enough time to do any more modifications. Essentially though, writing gives me the opportunity to restructure the expression of my thoughts without subjecting my audience to the painful self-editing process I go through, so I sound more cohesive. (Love)

Writing Takes Time - Sometimes a Lot

Writing, for me at least, is time consuming. It doesn't flow from me like a river or gush like a geyser or... well you get the point... it doesn't just happen naturally. Since I'm really far from being a literary genius it takes time to put my thoughts together and formulate them in a way that makes sense not only to me but also the people, like yourself, that I hope would read them. Even regarding things that I consider myself knowledgeable about, putting the proverbial pen to paper is an exercise I need to prepare myself for. I'll sometimes put off doing a report or proposal until it really has to be done (or else) just because of that fact. Even typing an email takes me sometime because I'm constantly rephrasing or reordering sentences throughout the composition. I admire people that simply churn out concise and explicit expressions that leave nothing to be desired and give me a complete understanding of what they envision. So, I really need to psyche myself up and put my mind to writing because I know I'll be at it a while. (Hate)

Writing Helps Me Learn More

It could be anything. I need to understand the topic I'm writing about. If it's myself, it's a journey of self-discovery. I typically have to write technical proposals and I realize that I really can't write the proposal until I have a fairly clear picture of what the design elements are and how they will fit together, this, even though I understand the technology involved and the requirements. I need to see the big picture as well as the details that help make it. I also don't like to write anything down, to be shared, (or spoken about for that matter) that I don't feel comfortable. This inevitably means that I need to research and be sure before I express a definitive opinion on most things. In translates in my writing to trying to give as much as I can what I believe, to convince myself more so than others. (Love)

I'm Not That Good At Writing

I'm like most people and I believe most people like doing things they excel at. I don't believe I excel at writing. I have a fairly good command of the English language - not superb, and as I mentioned above, it's sometimes a struggle to get the words that I want to say exactly what I'm thinking. However, I like challenges. I'm the kind of person that would try to do something simply because I was told it can't be done (within reason mind you). Write.. I mean.. right now I see writing as a challenge. I have an unwritten life "to-do" list. One of the items is to write a book and get it published. I'm not sure how that's going to happen but I'd like it to be fiction based on the facts of my life - somewhat autobiographical. I suspect that you need to have some fairly good writing skills to get something like that published (or at least some solid financial backing to get it done yourself). Creating hubs are a nice platform I think to get started on this "to-do" item. (Love, Hate)

You Need to Practice Writing to Get Any Good

There's no way around it. Even for people with talent, regardless of their particular ability, practice helps hone whatever is innately there. The trouble with practice is that it takes time, perseverance and consistency. In my case allocating time is not always easy and that immediately affects both perseverance and consistency. A habit needs to be formed and with long workdays it won't be that easy to fit this in. So far though, I'm typing along. (Hate)

I Always Need A Good Ending

Endings are a big problem for me. I'm never quite sure how to tidy things up. I like to summarize without specifically defining a summary, if you know what I mean. Sometimes I feel like I end too suddenly or other times it's there's too much banter and it always seems difficult toreach an acceptable conclusion. I don't know if there's a magic formula. I hardly suspect so because writing in itself can be such a personal thing with many dynamics not the least of which is the actual content being written. I figure though it still holds true that a good ending should always keep'em wanting more. (Hate?)


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