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A Love Prayer - Poem for My Husband

Updated on July 18, 2022
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Our life stages are unique, Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

A Reason to Reflect

This poem is for my husband, my love, in honor of the growth of our faith in continued adversity.

We have many emotions and feelings whirling around us, and the strength of our faith prevails in an unrelenting storm. Trials are incredible in how they bring us together to grow in the Word of God. I have to say, it is quite the ride, as I am sure you can all relate.

I was driving down a road one night on my way home from a friend’s house, enjoying the company of my beautiful daughter. The blacktop and yellow line intrigued me as we drove down a back road later in the evening. It lit up brightly by the headlights of my car. We rolled along, up to a hill, then gently down.

It made me think about life, our way lighted by God, up and down the hills. I look forward to the end of the road when we are finally over that final Hill. We meet Him, our Savior.

After that evening, a poem came to me as I reflected on riding the hills together.

My Love It Stayed and We Prayed

I whispered something

Into your ear,

Somehow thinking it

Would disappear,

But it stayed.

Oh, how I prayed,

But it stayed.

I tried to close

My eyes are tight.

Quite ready

To put up a fight.

But it stayed.

Oh, how I prayed,

But it stayed.

Searching your eyes

After I told you,

Wanting my love

To make it untrue.

Slowly waiting

For the words to come

Somehow hoping

You could make it undone.

But it stayed.

Oh, how I prayed,

But it stayed.

Then I saw that look,

On your face.

The one that looks

So out of place.

No answer

Could you share with me,

Just the warmth of empathy.

I wanted to yell out.

Make it stop!

Take this thing,

That keeps us blocked,

From all the dreams we

Want to share,

And all the feelings of despair,

But they stayed.

Oh, how I prayed,

But they stayed.

At that moment, we finally knew.

We had to trust,

And go to you,

So we prayed.

Dear Lord, be with us now,

Always help us find a way,

To come to You someway, somehow

To surrender and quietly pray.

To thank you for the things you’ve done,

Letting us know you are the one,

Who saves,

So we pray.

Give us strength in our weakness Lord,

Shield us with your mighty sword,

So we pray.

Help us slay tempted thoughts in pain,

spewing inpatient words,

That can hurt in vain,

Show us, Grace, as we walk with you

Over the next hill,

Where you wait for us, your kids! Thank you

© 2012 Kathy Henderson


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