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My Loving touch

Updated on February 19, 2013

My Loving touch

My loving touch is more than love,

And wonder what he would do if he gives me the


l wonder if l can escape from it all,

and elsewhere have a wonderful ball,

my loving touch is keeping me going,

and on my face the strain is now showing.

Standing in the kitchen at the sink

Hanging clothes on the line,

Hoover the house up and down

Clean the bath, polish, dust, mop and shop

And nearly almost drop, and when the hubby comes in

And sees me on the couch,

He says words that pinch me, ouch,

‘Have you been sitting watching telly all day’?

Of course he wants his hot dinner on the plate,

And when he’s ate,

He runs out as if he is late,

Leaving me to pick up the dirty plates.

I wonder if l can ever escape.


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