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My Lucid Dreamer (A Love Poem)

Updated on March 15, 2015

Lucid Dreams

Once, I met a man.
A mystery man without a name.
With such a beautiful face,
such a beautiful taste.
He spoke to me of lucid dreams,
he spoke to me of goals within.
He spoke to me of different lifetimes,
different love affairs,
and I sat there, cigarette smoke filling the air.
I watched his lips moving,
telling me so much, without a care.
I couldn't help but stare into those big beautiful blue eyes
those beautiful lips.
As he spoke, he touched my hand.
I could feel his pull
he was electric.
I just wanted more of him,
I wanted to record all of his stories into my being.
I wanted to make them part of me.
All of his pain, all of his wonders, his curiosity
went through my veins,
and at that moment I knew I had found my one.
Someone with such beauty, such talent, raw emotions.
Someone who my young eyes couldn't look at without trembling.
So time went ahead and made him mine
and then and there I decided,
I wanted to have a real life with him.
I didn't want to dream any longer in Technicolor,
because my dreams taunted me,until, I ran into him.
For once in my life,
I found someone that sees my strange ways as beauty.
Someone to lay with me to look at stars and just laugh at nothing but ourselves.
To find those beautiful blue eyes in a crowd,
and lock them with mine,
to be able to share my life, with him
to lift each other up, when we are both falling down.
That mystery man, became the man I married.
The man I vowed to love through thick and thin,
my very own lucid dreamer,
who's smile will be the end of me.
My very own adventure.
Because my life has changed in a million ways,
because of that one conversation
in a dark and starry florida night,
where for once I thought that true love seemed possible,
the mystery of love was solved then and there,
as our souls recognized each other.


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