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My Man

Updated on May 17, 2017

The man I love is a tyrant; he controls my movements,

Choose my words and dictates my actions.

His voice paralyze my system, his stare makes my knees weak.

Yet I follow his every rule, for I am pleased to be his slave

He is also a merchant; he trades all my sorrows with happiness.

He buys pleasure to ease my every pain,

He bargains with our difference and brings out all our similarities.

He always made sure that we compromise and meets half way.

He is a great liar; he tells me everything is alright,

When in fact his heart burns with so much hate.

He’ll tell me he’s cheating even when he isn’t

Only to help me prove that my instinct and accusations are right.

I forgive all his dishonesty because he finds sincerity in my lies

He is a masochist; he endure all my slaps

Absorbs every curse I shout at him from his head to his toe.

He smiles with every kick and punch I gave him,

He laughs as I pinch every part of his skin, like a helpless child who gets tickled.

He breathes everything in, when my turn is over

He would undress me, lay me in bed

And broke my back from dusk to dawn

And to be honest I liked it a hundred fold

He is a dreamer; he sees my face in the eyes of another woman.

He feels my touch from his mistress’ hand

He craves for my lips, even if he is with the best whore in town.

His heart calls out my name amidst the silence of the night.

He is an artist; he designs a beautiful future with me.

He molds every piece of my personality

He touch me as if I am nature’s greatest masterpiece

Oh! Words are not enough to describe him and how much I feel for him

Some say I am a fool because I chose him to be my lover,

Others say I lost my sanity because I fell for a guy like him.

They all say that there are better fish in the sea, but they can never understand me…

For they have loved only the joyfulness and sweet part of their man.

But no, not I

I love my man; his sorrow, his lust, his anger, envy and desires

I accepted his lies, his failure, his manners and sins.

He crushed my soul and shattered my dreams and many men can do the same

But there can be no other man who can gave me the bliss

Thrice as much as the pain I received from him, than he himself

There can be no other man whom I can betray today but will still trust me tomorrow

There can be no other HIM…

So stop the nonsense talk and senseless calls

I chose him…

And to him I bind my body and soul.


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