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Updated on January 29, 2014

I entered his house.....

When I came to the party, there was no one there. This puzzled me since I received such a lovely and expensive invitation that was custom made for people like me. Don't get me wrong, this was not any ordinary party, but for a long time I would avoid these sort of places. Places where I would be tested or delivered into another world or space that I was not familiar with. Most of my life I played everything "safe" and whenever I came to a "crossroad," I always took the path that most good law abiding people would. But I always looked over my shoulder at the other choices and it became a sacred mystery to me to carry inside forever. The questions lingered for years and years until one day I just could not take it anymore. I really wanted to go there and discover this other part of me so that I can rest easy and continue with my life in an honest way. Who was on my shoulder this time? An angel and two devils? Or just my intuition guiding me to a scary adventure. It doesn't matter anymore. I am here. An innocent lass trapped in a world of secret spaces. "Take me" I thought. I'm so tired of always being the "strong one."

The house was so quiet and I heard the roar of an ocean that sounded so familiar that I wanted to sleep forever. The paintings on the wall looked like they were from an old Ray Bradbury book all covered with shiny silver glitter and presented like they were a map to a better place. They seemed to move and change as I walked past each and everyone of them. This is a place where everything can only get better and better. I want this I thought. I really want this.

I heard a door open slowly and as I walked down a very long hallway, images appeared that seemed quite "ghost like." They passed right through me like they were trying to feel my organs to see if I was strong enough. I felt pleasure as they passed by and through me like I was in heaven. Some of the ghosts were like creatures that I had never seen. Their voices seemed like they were in tunnels and they gravitated toward any noise that I made. So when I started to panic they would rush away like as if I put an electric fan directly on them. I felt like I was under the ocean and they were transparent human jellyfish reacting to the heat of my body or the wild stirred up emotions inside of me. As soon as I relaxed, they started to pass through me again. I wanted to disappear into this world where everything feels better.

I want love I thought. I really need to be loved. At an instant all of the spirits disappeared and I heard chains. Heavy chains moving in the distance and I felt terrified. He was there and I knew it but I did not know how to approach him. I thought in everything I had read that he always approached the person first. I hate making the first move in everything unless I want to claim something or someone forever. Sometimes it takes me a while but eventually I get there. Not sure what he will think when I ask him about love?

In one moment I lost my breath when his image appeared in the darkness near the staircase. He was so tasty in every way. His presence, his power and his smile. I was feeling like I had been drugged but imagined that I was really in my home drinking a few cups of coffee and the tired feeling subsided. I started to lose my vision and my body started to feel strange like I had been invaded. This feeling I am not used too because I have always been in control. He knew this ofcourse and he continued to strut around me like a King watching and enjoying the sweat on my brow just like a cop interrogating a criminal. I was in his trap already, in an instant and he knew it. I started to shake and then cried as I fell down to the ground thinking of all the lost time and pleasure in my ordinary world and "good citizen fake world" built on ideas of controlling humans who just like to lie to the population. I had been brainwashed since I was a child and I knew it especially at this moment. What is real anymore I thought? He took my hand and asked me to dance as my tears dried away and I could hear my favorite music in the distance. He knew I was his and I didn't want to leave ever.

As the dance came to a stop, he guided me towards this black velvet chair. I sunk into it like I had never slept before and I felt like I was in a prison of some sort where the confusion in my mind would paralyze me. I could not move as his words filled my mind with sweet sorrow. He was right and there was nothing I could do with so much lost time. I finally got the strength to ask him about love and his laughter seemed to get louder and louder the more my heart expanded. He told me that there was no such thing and I was starting to believe him and felt faint. I was ready to die and move onto a place where nothing really mattered anymore. But at that very last moment when the music got louder and the screams started to really frighten me, I pulled out his picture. The one that I left behind to come here tonight. I missed him terribly. I smiled at the evil one across from me and stared at him intensely and I saw him lose his brave comfort in a moment as he looked at me. He was losing again and he always has with me. This is the moment where I can choose to never hurt anymore and experience pain that would never go away until I was numb. I heard the screams and the chains as they got louder. They were beckoning me to be part of the hurricane. In an instant I felt so much love and I stood up and said the words "I love you."

I heard the sound of loud lightning and spirits clouded the room and surrounded me like I was the meal for the evening. A young ghost walked towards me and touched my heart and disappeared in an instant. She felt sorrow and so did the rest of them. He was no longer there and I wondered why he left me at a time like this. When I was feeling so much love. I thought that he would fight me and make me part of his evil world.

But he knew at the moment I spoke about love that he would never have me. NEVER.

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    • GPAGE profile image

      GPAGE 6 years ago from California

      WOW! said it so well here!...To sum it up, the world needs more LOVE, HOPE AND FAITH!!! Thank you for being here and understanding what I wrote here in this story. Also thank you for all of your lovely words. They are always appreciated!!

      Always nice to see you here! Best, G

    • profile image

      Ausseye 6 years ago

      G LOVE your work!!! I’m thinking experiences are your written essence, some cold embrace makes a bitter memory. “The world needs love” should have been a Beatles song. Chi is about offering the world a better place…..2300BC, I see you there offering hope. Beauty always does L:). Cheers Ausseye.

    • GPAGE profile image

      GPAGE 6 years ago from California

      PRASETIO!! So nice to see you here! Thank you so much for your very sweet compliment! Also special thanks for telling me that I write this sort of stuff well! Ofcourse you are the champion in writing about the "wonders of the world" and all of the "cool and different stuff" that you find! Always enjoy your hubs too!! Thanx for the votes!!!....All the best, G

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 6 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Dear friend, Gina. This was great story and so scary as well. Personally, I can't make like this one and you still have powerful imagination in describe all the things in your hubs. So, I give my thumbs up for you by pressing all buttons here, expect funny. I hope you enjoy this weekend with your family. Send my warm greetings to your family as well. I am glad your son love this hub about "giant skateboard". Cheers....

      Love and peace,

    • GPAGE profile image

      GPAGE 6 years ago from California

      TToombs08! Thank you for being here! I wanted to reach people and make them think! I'm so glad that you like my work. Best, GPAGE

    • TToombs08 profile image

      Terrye Toombs 6 years ago from Somewhere between Heaven and Hell without a road map.

      Ok, GPage, this one is making me stop and think and my brain is starting to implode. :o) Voting this UP as I sit here pondering it all. Nice work.