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My Mirror Is Cracked What Should I Do ?

Updated on April 26, 2012

Wait And See

I woke up and my bathroom mirror is cracked

Oh no is that seven years bad luck

What a stupid superstition anyway

What was that noise on the roof ?

I heard a big bang

What could it be ?

A branch from a tree

Yes that is what it is

But then why did I hear it again

I should go out and look

Leave my safe house and go outside in the dark


I am not that stupid and I have seen to many horror movies to be scared

I am in the house with all my doors locked and my faithful attack cat

My wife is asleep and I have my computer left on just in case

The impossible comes true

My celll phone has a full charge

Where is my cell phone ?

In the car where I left it

I am not going to get it now

I have my home phone trusty as can be

I pick it up and I have no dial tone

O.k. now is not the time to panic

I will turn every light on in the house

Except our bedroom

I will let my wife sleep

She was up early and was busy running errands all day

She is exhausted and can sleep through this

Why wake her for something that hasn't even happened yet

That won't happen I mean to say

If I was going to panic I would get a baseball bat

I have one in the basement wouldn't you know

I am going to go downstairs and leave my wife all alone

Not a chance

I have seen that happen only to often

Safety in numbers

Stay upstairs and you will be safe

I have a front door and a back door and a bulk head that is locked

I can just relax and keep my mind off the silliest thoughts

I heard a creek

Like the sound of the bulk head door being opened

No way I locked that the other day

Ooops I knew I forgot to do something

Now I know what it was

Next time I will make sure I lock it

I live on a small ranch only five steps into the house

I have a sensor light that goes on when someone is outside

So all is dark and all is nice

Why did that light go on in the front of the house

It could of been anything ?

A skunk could of set it off

I thought I heard the door handle being turned

That's rediculious ha ha we have a dead bolt

Did my wife lock the doors before she went to bed?

I never do

I am the man and I don't get scared

She was tired and she might of forgot

I have to rush to the kitchen and check the doors

What if it is too late ?

Run to the kitchen and get a knife

Wait if I stay here they will have to come and get me

I won't go without a fight

I will gouge their eyes out with my trusty pen

There isn't a solitary thing to hit them with

Not a thing

Another noise

This time a thump

Coming from our bedroom just one room over

Now I see a little shadow

It's my cat

My cat scared the life out of me

Now relaxed my cat walked by me

No don't go in the kitchen

It is too late

I can not see

I heard only a crunch

No meow

I forgot my cat never meows

Another crunch

Here Charlette I call her by her name


She doesn't come

Then she never comes

What am I worried about


Absolutely nothing

The lights just went out

I am in the dark

I run to my wife who is sound asleep

Do I wake her

Then she will think I have lost my mind

She might say go back to bed

Then we wake up dead


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    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      6 years ago

      bethperry I had to sleep with one eye open.Our cat hoped back into our bed.There was nothing on our roof.I just don't know what it could of been.Now the bulk head is locked for sure.I brought up the baseball bat in the bedroom closet just incase it happens again.Out went the mirror and a new one is shiny and bright.All is well and thanx and have a great night.

    • bethperry profile image

      Beth Perry 

      6 years ago from Tennesee

      lol! You certainly have a flair for writing vivid imagery.

      Maybe it was just the sump pump going off - or the hobgoblin spiders that just sit on them?


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