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A Modern Life

Updated on July 13, 2016
Waking up at 6am.
Have breakfast, 
put your makeup on,
hiding nature, 
never let them see.

Leave the house, 
lock the door, 

Don't let them in, 
whomever they may be.

Get in the car quickly, 
keep you're head down,
no need to look around.

Engine on, 
driving now, 
to beat the morning rush.

Other black metal boxes whiz past, 
looking ahead.

Pull up.

Get to work.

Lock the car, 

Keep your head down,
look at your phone.

Suits walk past,
looking at their own.

Inside the lobby now,
click clack of heels on shiny,
marble floor.

Into your office
close the door.

Trapped in your box,
looking at a box,
all day long.

You think this is
where you belong?


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