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My Mom is a Warrior

Updated on December 5, 2012

The strength of that beautiful woman in my life

You have smiled in spite of tears

laughed for no reason

You’ve seen sons become monsters

then turn back to sons

then monsters again

You’ve sheltered your children

or tried to

You’ve made it look easy

you’ve made “momming” an art

You were a counselor

you were invisible

you tried to help

you tried to survive

you saw your family crash like broken glass

you’ve hoped for so much more

I’ve seen you wish

I’ve seen you dream


I’ve seen glassy eyes hide a want

for a completed puzzle

I’ve seen your heart break


and over

and over

I’ve seen why to be a mom

and why not

I idolize you

I want you happy

because it’s too sad to see you sad

I love you, mom

I used to think your constant smiling

showed weakness

Now I see it as a strength

because no one who can

smile so wide

and laugh so loud

while hurting so much

could be weak.

That is a Warrrior.


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