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The Most Beautiful Man in the World

Updated on October 23, 2010

Did fate finally kiss my forehead

in the autumn of my life

After Summer and Spring gave

nothing but pain

Will my Winter turn out nice

Could it be that I weathered

the storms

that cleared the way for true love

Could it be that I found someone

that thinks that being me is enough..

In this world, we as people are on a quest for connections. We pretend that it's about sucess, but success is only the pollen that attracts the bees to our flowers. The fatal flaw of humans are their  attempt to assimilate and not to be an individual. Being an individual, will allow you to look internally at your needs and say...."I don't really want to be a player, but the more women I have in my bed to concentrate on, the more I don't have to concentrate on myself.....or "I really want to be a lady but I'm gonna sleep around because if I open up and tell a man I love him I'll be a victim of game, i'll be vulernable....or "I'm afraid my sex sucks so if I "f**k hoes back to back without calling  I may fall for someone and  they will tell me how crappy I am....Players, Hoes, Pimps, and people who live in a"GAME" mode are people who live constantly in fear...I see your weakness...I see your saddness...I see your abandoment issues...I see your self-doubt...But in seeing you I see your future and it is lonely.


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    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 7 years ago

      ...well I feel like the most beautiful man in the world after reading something this brave, daring and exciting - and talk about brave, daring and exciting I love what it says on your T-Shirt - you are truly one of a kind!!!!