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Why Laugh at Embarrassing Moments?

Updated on November 6, 2013
it's not the end of the world
it's not the end of the world | Source
don't be so serious
don't be so serious | Source

Pause. Accept Them and Enjoy the Laugh!

How many times have you had something surprisingly unexpected happen to you that was both incredibly funny and embarrassing all at the same time? You're scratching your head trying to figure out what just happened, what your response is going to be, and how to make a graceful comeback. I think when we look back, we can recall at least an incident or two where we were caught in a compromising moment of embarrassment laced with humor!

There are those of you who may or may not remember a hit television show from the past where the catch phrase was 'smile you're on candid camera!' I truly believe it's those candid camera moments that help bring joy and laughter to our lives. We may fail to see the humor of those incidents in the very moment that they occur. But in retrospect as we reflect on those embarrassingly funny moments, the memory is guaranteed to bring smiles to our faces, chuckles in our spirits, and lots of laughs (inwardly and outwardly).

Could it be that these occasions happen just for that very reason..... to remind us that we should not take life too seriously? Could it be that they are further reminders that no matter how old we are, we will never be able to control or stop these bloopers from happening? Why shouldn't we be able to laugh at them and ourselves? There is so much not to laugh at in the world (hunger, poverty, homelessness, unemployment, underemployment, bullying, suicides, wars, homicides, etc) such that every opportunity we do get to laugh; we should take full advantage of it.

I'm reminded of a familiar proverb that holds much merit and is often quoted: "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine" (Proverbs 17:22). When we examine this proverb, we notice that a good medicine is the cause and a merry heart is the effect. The medicine does not necessarily taste good; but its effects are good for creating a merry heart. I said that to say this, our embarrassing moments may not feel good, but they are capable of producing a merry heart and laughter.

So live, laugh, love, and enjoy those embarrassing moments for what they are.



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    • LongTimeMother profile image

      LongTimeMother 5 years ago from Australia

      Too true. I'm just glad I am not related to a comedian like Roseanne Barr. Oh, heck. Maybe one day I might be!!

    • YvetteParker profile image

      YvetteParker 5 years ago from AUGUSTA, GA

      Thanks LongTimeMother, you are absolutely correct. Some of the greatest and genuinely funny comedians make an honest living from retelling and sharing their embarrassing moments and those of their family members and friends in such an entertaining way that we all can find laughter and joy in.

    • LongTimeMother profile image

      LongTimeMother 5 years ago from Australia

      My children constantly remind me of my embarrassing moments and ten years later they can still be sharing the same funny stories with new friends, generally when I'm around. It's funny how every time they tell a story it gets embellished. We all see it happening and part of the sport is finding a slightly new way to package my embarrassing moments in even more engaging and hilarious ways.

      That's never bothered me in the slightest. I think it is great for their storytelling ability, great for their own confidence when they make mistakes of their own, and great that they are reminded that I'm just human. I have wondered as well whether the funny stories about me might help to make me appear just a little more likeable to their friends. I'm genuinely surprised at how often I am greeted in the street by kids I really don't know very well at all.

    • YvetteParker profile image

      YvetteParker 6 years ago from AUGUSTA, GA

      I've had my slip to fall off in my classroom; and it was pink (no missing it)!!!You have to laugh at yourself when these things happen!!!

    • anjperez profile image

      anjperez 6 years ago

      hahaha! this is so funny! i had one close to this experience. and a lot more mishap and demise. if being in these situation means death, i could have been buried numerous times.


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