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My Mother's Love

Updated on April 25, 2017

My Mother's Love

In a dream of yesterdays were young and pure

The love of my mother was as warm as the months of May and June

And the sweetest of all was her smile that brittles most

A lovely face of a lady, freshen up with a cheek of hope

Days and hours I have felt that love

Thunders and lightings had ruled the night

A kiss from you, I felt it on my cheeks

Sending me, a goodnight and wondrous sleep

At the crack of dawn and I was sick

My mother nurses, her little kid

See me, helps me, she never sleeps

Pampers me until morning is near to see

The rooster crows and I was awake

A smell of toasted loaf and a glass of milk

My mother held me that breakfast so great

It was a morning I felt a life, other might have wished

It’s been years and my mother was getting old

A mile of time in a distant north

Thinking of you my mother, I couldn’t sleep

A wish I can take good care of you, as you did

I can remember your hardships and struggles

Sending me to gain knowledge, fulfil my dream

Your prayers were a song of love from deep within

How can I pay gratitude of your kindness if I was'nt near

Not a bill or coin as such or more

Nor a golden necklace of your choice could ever quench

Only a love from your son can caress the pain

The distance that had apart us from years through days

My heart had melted

The last time I see your face

Wrinkled in time, that you had wait

But still your smile brittles the most

Yes mother I am coming home

Do not shed a tear or more

I am near not a distant far

Bringing you this warm hug, who misses you most


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    • no body profile image

      Robert E Smith 3 years ago from Rochester, New York

      It is nice when I hear that children love their moms and miss them when they are gone. What most people do is stay distant and then regret it when their mom's die. You have a genuine relationship with your mom and will be able to look forward to seeing her again in the life after. So sweet and precious. Voted up, Bob.