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My Name Is (A Poem)

Updated on November 30, 2015

A member of misery,

Cries morphing into humility,

Hoping you’ve felt my presence,

A dream to impart the scent of my essence,

My wings are ready to fly, my wings are free,

But the muddy broken chains chases after me,

The strength---my strength was never my own,

An enigma—I myself cannot comprehend,

I’m not my own;

I’m a lullaby, a melody, a painted soul,

I cannot pretend and I’m never alone,

Watching over the sunset—ardent flames burst through my eyes,

The breath that embrace—the hope that comes at sunrise,

Thoughts in my head, my joy and my pain,

My life and demise--- a day to once again rise,

Often in my hiding place I fail to recognize my face,

Comes the parapets I fight to destroy,

To come is a time to reveal itself,

Bowing down I find courage to deploy!

I wait for a place though I know my way home,

I wait for a place to watch every piece find its own,

Empty to be filled---- such a consuming desire,

Savior, my Savior, set ablaze my feeble fire!

For no one may never understand my bliss,

A code they will often miss,

Simply because my name is…..



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