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A Poem In College: Change of Perspective

Updated on July 10, 2014
A River? Or So Much More?
A River? Or So Much More?

River Response

Okay, So I took a creative writing class a couple of semesters ago and we had an assignment to write a poem in another person's or thing's perspective. I decided that I should write it in the female's perspective. The reason I decided that, was because I had a poem I was extremely proud of. In fact, its my best work yet and so I cherished it tremendously. Because I cherished it so much, I wasn't going to show it in class so I decided to do the next best thing: A Continuation. So the poem I wrote was a response to my best poem. The poem I responded to was actually a poem asking someone to marry me (Not In Reality) so this poem is an answer to that poem. Anyways, enough talking. Enjoy the poem!!!

River Response, Poetic

Female Perspective

It was a strange sight

It took me by surprise

That it took so long

for me to realize

His love for me true

I couldn't believe

A devotion so pure

I couldn't conceive

He wrote me a poem

It told of a river

A passage of rhymes

With a perfect deliver

It spoke of true love

A river flowed true

It spoke of his feeling

As my soul mate too

Embraced by a feeling

I had never known

I couldn't imagine

What I was just shown

It took so long

For it to just click

This love for him

Could make me so sick

Every second without him

Is a second gone by

Without his smiles comfort

I start to cry

I don't have the words

To describe how I feel

I never knew I could know

A love that's so real

Complicated Simplicity

Like the gears of a clock

Its like fate fit the pieces

Of our life into lock

A confusing understanding

Like empty words from a book

I know How I feel

But Not the path that I took

When did my heart

Fall for him so

When did my soul

Begin to so know

That this person in front of me

My knight, My Life

Would one day ask me

To be his wife

Im still speechless, Yet speechful

Im crazy, Yet sane

Im completely together

Yet scattered like rain

My answer is yes

But I remain silent

I never knew love

Could be so damn violent

My heart so struck

My soul so stirred

My ears so shocked

Don't Know What I heard

I ask for repeat

To hear once more

The words that shook me

Down to the core

He asks me again

And my lips quiver

I open my mouth

And speak of a river

''If this river is life, if this river is love

If this river is true, I'll spend it with you.

''This River Called Love, Lets Sail It As One.''

© 2009 Johnathan David


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    • Johnathan David profile image

      Johnathan David 5 years ago

      @Miranda Thanks Once Again!! Keep being so nice to me Miranda and I might have to write you your own poem. Haha

    • profile image

      Miranda 5 years ago

      I'm speechless. This is another beautiful poem, keep writing you have an amazing gift:)