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Updated on May 2, 2014

fly homeward!

galloping flight!

Placing myself

On the conceited seat

Of my man-powered steed

I let loose my wheel of fancy!

In my whole wide fantasy world

Saw I only fairies floating in human form;

My naughty side drooled over

Every lass that moved by

Itching to touch and kiss every passer-by;

For fear of losing my balance

Caught I

The rein-bars of my oodling emotions.

One man, one woman theory

Works out well

In this world of mankind -

At all levels!

Receding from the illusory road to chaos

I stepped down my mechanized horse

With ease

To slip into reality,

My wife, my children, my home;

What wealth of love it offers,

My steel horse chained

In the portico!


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