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Breathing out of Words

Updated on March 25, 2012

Breathing out of Words

I act out of poetry because I have to, my heart won’t let me cry, my mind won’t scream out in joy. Feeling the relief when I spell out each word, craving more words to use. I began making up my own words to express how I feel to let others heal. With mistaken melody’s heard throughout the family. You get lost in all the clutter, cluttered words, harsh memories, but still loving in it all.

Healing hands need to get strong again so I can write up a remedy of love to all with mistaking words used once. Trying to correct your misfortunes but you know it’ll take a lifetime to do, the key is to love yourself through it. Don’t be impressed by eager minds for the wrong kinds of words. We don’t get to correct spelling grammars for our real life history. You can maybe insert a picture or add a clipart but that has crazy intentions. Until then it’s all double-clicks, spelling errors, pastes, and cuts.

© copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved.


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