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My Pretty Woman

Updated on July 24, 2014

For Bedroom Eyes Only

Love is the way to go

Don't let anyone tell you any different

When you are in a good relationship

These are the things that make it wonderful

Feeling secure

Anything that life can throw at you

You are able to take

An afternoon hug

The comfort of being in your woman's arms

Warm and soft like a favorite blanket growing up

A smile of approval

To let you know

You are being checked out *appreciated *silently

Thought of

When she shares her day or what's on her mind


When she asks you to scratch her back because she has and itch

A little massage because her shoulders are sore


That leads to a night of romance with just one twinkle of her eyes


Talking about things you have in common

From movies, news, childhood memories the list is endless

The whole package

Everything else you do that makes it all come together

Through years of being by each others side

That there are no secrets

Because you and I both know

She will find out sooner or later

How you feel

That not even a sheet can hide


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