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My Revenge

Updated on January 26, 2017

In your eyes I was never anything special

You thought I was just a waste of space

Just another loner carving drawings onto her desk

A weird, freak, who wrote poetry all the time, and talked Shakespearean

A strange little girl with jet black hair, and ghostly pale skin

My choice of drug was my pen, and paper

While your choice was your over flowing social life

I never tried to make you not like me

You just didn't, maybe it was because I was different from you

I just tried to stay true to myself

My differences made me a pretty easy target for you

You went out of your way to humiliate me daily

Called me every name but my birth name

Treated me like I had some kind of plague

I acted like I did not care on the outside

But at night my tears showed I did

I changed through the years though

I grew up, did some things I set out to do

Ran into you after college

You were still the same person you were in high school

Arrogant and big headed

Had the nerve to address me as a freak

You know funny thing is I did not get upset

As if calling me a freak was an insult

I thought you looked pathetic and stupid

I guess instead of growing up you actually grew more immature with age

I seen you look like the foolish ignorant idiot you are

I actually grew up and moved on

That is my revenge


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    • akader profile image


      7 years ago from Algeria

      It seems you ve experienced an unfair situation , but I see that you get benefit from that situation by becoming a writer I love your poem it s so deep . just keep writing dawn comes up after darkness

    • Jspot profile image

      lost love 

      9 years ago from Flames of water and love

      I understand the feeling of being a ghost. In the Gothic heart my words never shown but by the scars now resting on my flesh. Beautiful way of getting back at such foolishness. Voted up and awesome.

    • NightFlower profile image


      9 years ago

      Oh yeah, this is classic treatment for those who are insecure and unevolved. We all need to do it but some of us never learn and to learn, move on and grow is indeed the sweetest revenge.

    • breakfastpop profile image


      9 years ago

      You are the victor. Most people have had this kind of experience in their life and although it is painful it really can be a learning experience. I saw my tormentor a few years later and just one look gave me total assurance that I was the victor too! Up and awesome.

    • Chatkath profile image


      9 years ago from California

      And isn't revenge so sweet! I think writing helps to rid ourselves of pent up resentment and insecurities that are built up gradually as a result of these kinds of relationships! Well congratulations for breaking free and loving yourself enough to know that you deserve so much more. Many of us "settle" because we don't want to be alone but I have learned the hard way that until we love and respect ourselves, no one else can possibly give us what we need.

      I like this bit of poetic justice that you have achieved!

    • chuckbl profile image


      9 years ago from Scotland

      I feel a lot of pain, anger and emotion expressed in these words, and that's a good thing, because you are expressing them well. Nice hub, voted up :)

    • pan1974 profile image

      April Seldon 

      9 years ago from New Orleans

      I have experienced that before, I have learned that people like that have a lot to hide. They have insecurity issues because they don't have a strong connection to their inner selves. They often have proplems in their personal life in relationships, because they've acted fake for so long, they've attracked fake. They are ashamed of realness, because the ego asscciates realness with weakness, they take kindess for weakness. They also have moral anxiety, they have to please society to be accepted by society. They are called sleep walkers, only very few people are truly alive, and you are very awakened, and they recognize that in you.You have unlimited energy from within because you are true to yourself,they have to live off other peoples energy by putting them down,you naturally know how to use your energy. So hold your head up Queen, because they know when the Queen has walked into the room.


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