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My Review of Mitch Albom's Book: The Five People You Meet In Heaven

Updated on October 18, 2020
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Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  


Author Mitch Albom


My Introduction Dialogue

This book by author Mitch Albom, was published back in September 2003. His story follows a man who feels bad about his life as he’s lived it. He feels like a loser, because he has not lived a lifestyle that he felt he always wanted with travel and adventure; the lead character, Eddie, in fact, ended up in a very common lifestyle following in his father’s footsteps of becoming the lead maintenance man at Ruby Pier; the carnival by the seashore.

Now, Eddie Maintenance, as all the kids like to call him, has made it to his 83rd birthday, and is doing his job as usual on this sunny day, when suddenly a ride has malfunctioned and is endangering the lives of its occupants. Before this ride snaps, Eddie notices a little girl he had spoken with hours earlier at the carnival sitting under this towering ride, she is playing with the bunny he made her out of the pipe cleaners he keeps in the front pocket of his uniform shirt. Just before the wires snap that holds this ride, the two other maintenance men get the riders off safely up high in the air, but Eddie would have to move fast to push the little girl out of the way before this ride would crush her to death. This was a daring task for Eddie, as he has a bad leg from years ago being shot in the war, but Eddie gives it his best effort to save the little girl.

Eddie does not survive, and realizes he has left Earth, and is somewhere he does not recognize. Until he meets the first person of the five that he will come across as he makes his transition to heaven. The initial person will explain to Eddie that he is indeed dead, and he is scheduled to meet five people who have crossed his path in life who will show him his importance while he was on Earth; in a way, Eddie himself had never realized. This is the basis of this story, and well worth the read.


My Review

My observation of this story after reading the book, was that it was very enjoyable. It described each scene perfectly, and I understood the message well. I actually read this book back in 2005, so I’m writing this essay after I finally watched the movie in 2016. So the whole run down for me is; The book came out in 2003, I read it in 2005. Today, in 2016, I finally watched the movie which actually aired in 2004. As usual, I am about ten years late on writing my personal review.

The inspiration for Mitch Albom’s story is one that I like, as I feel that we all have these questions of what will happen after we leave this life and transcend into the next. If you believe that there is a heaven and a God, you have thought about this, I’m sure of it. The movie, in fact, followed the book well. Even as I watched the movie these ten years later, it all came back to me as every scene came to life. I was really pleased with the adaptation of the book through the cinematic version.

There were lines in this movie that stood out, as I’m sure Mr. Albom wanted it this way. A specific five people with five messages to learn that Eddie had missed through life because of what he felt was bad luck.

I know this book, and the film, have been out for a while now, but I’d be willing to bet some of you still haven’t read or watched either. In saying that, I will refrain from talking too much about the book or the movie. However, even though some might say it is a spoiler alert to do so, I would like to post the messages each of the five people Eddie met in heaven taught him, which also were truly inspiring to me. In doing that, to blend together the book and the movie, I will list the actors and actresses who played the part beside the quotes I list. I will list them in order Eddie visited them in heaven.


The Blue Man

“There are no random acts. We are all connected.”

“Strangers are just family you have yet to come to know.”

“No life is a waste.”



“Sacrifice ain’t nothing to be ashamed of. It’s something to be proud of.”

“People stop sacrificing for one another, they lose what makes them human.”

“The funny thing about sacrifice is, sometimes when you think you’re losing something you are giving it to someone else.”



“Anger is a poison, it eats us inside.”

“We think when we hate someone, we hurt them, but hatred is a curved blade, and the harm we do to others we also do to ourselves.”

“No one is born with anger, we build it over the years with the things we don’t say. The things we bury.”


Marguerite (wife)

“Lost love is still love, it just takes a different form.”


Tala (little girl from wartime)

"In explanation to why he stayed all his life as Eddie Maintenance;

“Children, you keep them safe. You make good for me everyday. It’s where you were supposed to be.”

Jon Voight (Main Character Eddie)


Tell me...

Do you have five family or friends you would like to see in heaven?

See results


I hope the five people

I meet in heaven will

be happy I’m there

instead of dreading.

They won’t have to teach

me many lessons. I Will have

already learned those from

trials and tribulations.

I would hope my Five

are those chosen few,

who never judged me

for my flaws of few.

In fact, they loved me

for just who I am. I

cannot seem to find

others here who can.

However, as cruelty

persists, they’ve all since

left. I had to say my

good-byes, and blow

them a kiss.

Then as always, pick

myself up and continue

to carry on enjoying simple

aspects of this life.

Wind in my hair,

the sun on my face.

On a particular hard day,

bluebirds were my saving


On up there I’ll go someday,

and if I’m lucky, my five

people will be there to

greet me; I pray.

My dearest granny, who

without trying, could

make me laugh so hard

I’m not even lying.

My Papa would be close

by with his gracious,

never fading, endearing


A cousin who was more

like a brother, with his

unprejudiced personality

at 14 could astonish.

I think Lily Bug would come

running next towards me,

my very best friend still

to this day.

The last of my five, I feel

will be Jesus, outreaching

his arms to welcome me

to freedom.

A Song About Being With The Ones We Love In Heaven


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