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My Roses of the Field

Updated on July 16, 2015

The Introduction

The rose flower is often seen as a symbol of love and affection. I believe it stands for more than love and affection. It is a captivating piece of nature that has successfully created a magnificent niche for itself. Hate it or love it, it is fit for all occasions. When a baby is born, the mother receives a bouquet of roses and other ornamental plant breed to symbolize her success in delivering safely.

When a child matures and graduates from school, rose flower is sure to be there. When one is in love with another, this same flower plays a key role in making that lovely relationship appear magical.

During a ceremony of matrimony, you know for sure that this same flower would never be left out. On the tomb of the dearly departed ones, the family and friends of the deceased cannot help but place the rose flower to show their love for the dead person even though that person is no more and would not be able to see it happen as well.

My adoration of the rose flower, as you guessed right, comes in the form of poetry as below.

Field of Roses

1. Feel the breeze of the morning,

Touch the new dew of the day,

Hope is calling on all saints of the field,

Hailed and painted in colors of grace,

In due time my florist approaches.

2. A sweet scent surpassing the Arabian fragrance,

A soft touch likened to the skin of a second-old,

A bright and red-colored lady of the flora,

A beauty queen of the flora,

I yearn to have you in my hands.

3. Hurry oh my good and gentle florist,

Hurry oh you who cares enough,

For the red ladies of the field,

Grateful are they to your kind gesture,

A gentleman's hat i take off for you.

4. How do you orchestrate your acts,

How do you keep wait on the dames of the field,

For they gracefully tarry longer,

To be nurtured into ladies,

My longing desire is thankful.

5. I search no more,

I wait no more,

My objects of desire have i beheld,

My objects of pride have i in hands,

My roses of the field have i in hands.

The Discussion

Stanza 1

The writer begins by indicating what the rose flower symbolizes at the beginning of a new day, a beacon of hope. He then praises the caretakers of the field of roses by referring to them as saints and looks forward to meeting the lead caretaker.

Stanza 2

The writer ranks the rose flower above all the other ornamental plants. He would choose the rose flower at any point in time and ignore the others. He would not spend time researching into other ornamentals but would do whatever it takes for the rose plant.

Stanza 3

The writer yearns to meet the lead caretaker of the rose fields just to interact with him. He beckons him to come in haste as he is desperate to meet him as well as to have or receive a bouquet of roses from him. He accords the caretaker so much respect and adores the good work he does to ensure the roses grow as expected.

Stanza 4

The writer is astonished as to how the lead caretaker and the other caretakers manage to grow the rose plants. They seem to spend ample time on the rose fields, working all day. He is baffled by their strength and enthusiasm.

Stanza 5

From this final stanza, you realize that the writer finally receives his portion of the rose flower, probably a bouquet of it. Hence, he anticipates to have it no more since that same object is at that very moment, in his hands. He seems to be very much excited and fulfilled. He has finally gotten exactly what he had always bargained for.


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