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My Saving Grace

Updated on September 5, 2014


Whispers in the wind

Taking my breath away

With my eyes wide open

I look up into the sky

Knowing that faith finds me so dear to you

A whisper

A pray

I send to you

Needing your saving grace

The wind

Tickles my face

Saying to me, "I am closer than you think."

I laugh to myself

A tear creeps down my face

As I feel the presence of your saving grace

Knowing in your heart

You're keeping my faith alive

As I take in the calming breeze you send me

I close my eyes

And absorb everything

Thank you

My heart whispers

For providing me with your saving grace

To make it through another day

As the wind tickles my face again

I know you are smiling back at me

With your saving grace

Saying to me

You are most welcome young one

I laugh the wind

Brings me close to you

At this moment of need

When I am losing everything

Faith finds me in the air

Bring to me a saving grace


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