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My Screaming Head

Updated on August 9, 2009

Things I don't understand

 If you've been listening, you perhaps have some sympathy for my job.If not, oh well.This week has been especially trying. I've been practically begging people to come into work!. Make money? Is this difficult or labor intensive? Out in the oppressive heat? No! Air conditioned casual dress pressure to meet sales quotas nor deadlines...I must be missing something. There have been moments when I literally want to find these idiots and hurl them. I just haven't figured out how I might make that happen, without going to jail. No matter. Come pay day, I smile, maybe the light will go off! Ah! I should have come in more than once, stayed longer than an hour...I keep track of payroll, I know what they make. So, maybe they just don't care...or they have other sources of income. No, I don't know situations,just mine-and despite my whining, I am grateful for the job. But...this stuff, the ups  and downs the non stop calling, excuses, is making my head go-ah!


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