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My Second Book Is Already In The Making

Updated on November 1, 2015

Working Long Hours

I'm working on my second book. I've got the title. But, I'm writing this article to explain what my new book is all about. I've always been the type that loves to help people. I'm hoping this next book will do just that. It's about abuse. The primary focus will be my five year marriage. I am going to fictionalize the names. There are two sides to the story; mine and my ex-husband's. I will post both of them fairly. That means that his and mine with be in my book. Experts have stated that there are different types of abuse. I believe there is only one. It's called control.

Two Sides To Every

I will tell you my ex-husband's side first. My side is much more elaborate. I will will use dialog between both of us. Not all of the dialog won't be spot on, but it will be close to what went on between him and I. I know my ex-husband has told his side to his family. There will explanations to why I reacted the way he did when he tried to correct me by using control.

More Than One Part Of Control

No one should be allowed to have control over another human being. There are many reasons why people want to control another person whether it is their actions or their thoughts. People don't just do it in relationships; romantic or otherwise. There are samples of control aka abuse all around us. Social media, politics, schools, and religions are just to naming a few.
Social media is a big one. It's been a huge part of my life. I didn't know much about it going in, but I've learned a lot because of the abuse I received on social media. Maybe I shouldn't have opened up so much, but I kept quiet too long. They tried controlling my thoughts and feelings. That's now how life works. Just because you are scared or lack the understanding doesn't mean you should try controlling something you don't like or agree with. Of course, I'd be scared too if one person can change your standing with another person.

Control At Its Best

Control is at its best when the one being abused feeds into the abuser. I'm stronger now so now my abuser is now scared and weak. I don't really care, honestly. I don't want control. I want to survive, strive and thrive. Only I can tell decide whether or not to let their thoughts control my actions and reactions which brings us back to my ex-husband. I let him abuse me. The moment an abused person realizes this, the sooner they will be able to heal from their abuser. It takes time though. It doesn't happen over night like we all want it to.

People Lie About Being Abused

Yep, they're out there. They do it get attention so people will feel sorry for them or so they can have control over someone else. That's right! That's another form abuse! They are actually quite jealous of you. They see something in you that scares the horse poo out of them. "He thinks he's won. And as sure as he's a coward, he will try to kick you." -- from the film "Enough" People will try to kick you down when they are afraid of you and who you could become. The hope that you will fail, but they can't shake the constant uneasy feeling deep in the pit of their stomach.

Abusers Abuse Others Because

My ex-husband went through a lot of abuse too. I'm not going to go into full detail on that because that is not my story to tell. But, bringing that into our relationship was not fair to either of us. He needed to come to terms with the fact that he wasn't in that situation and to know that when I was there that I loved him and tried to show him even all the while as he was pushing me away. I'm truly hoping this book helps him as well and opens his eyes to many things. I know my eyes have been opened in abundance as well. There was no domestic abuse. It was just abuse and it was one-sided.

The release date of my second book will be June 21, 2016 aka my 38th Birthday. My book signing for this one will be on the same day in Sioux City, Iowa at the Tyson Event Center.


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