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My Shadow - Walking By My Side Again

Updated on April 8, 2015
Missing Link profile image

Missing Link is originally from rural Ohio. He currently lives in Hillsboro, OR. with his Wife and two Sons.

I wrote the following many years ago:

Hello shadow my old friend
Walking by my side again

Ever faithful, always silent
Willing to listen but never responding

With me through the seasons
You’ve never left me for unfounded reasons

As I rouse in the early morning hours
If I shiver due to Springtime showers
Passing by awakened flowers

Singing to myself at 3 AM
Turn the lights from bright to dim

With the lights of self of me
So I travel unaccompanied
I do all alone

Never influenced under their persecution

Wondering why they persecute me so
If you don’t like me let me go

But there is one with me again and again
My eternal pal, my shadow, my friend


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