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My Short Stories-English and Urdu

Updated on December 23, 2016



-Anbirkiniyavan(Tamil Author) trnaslated in Urdu by Mukhtar Badri and then reproduced in English by Prof. V. Rahmathullah.

I have an average-class hotel in Bhimvilas. I have been running it for the past eight months. But there was no much improvement in the business.

Hotel is in such a place where people come often. Many offices are there. One temple is also there. Still there was no business. Why?

I thought over it from many angles. I could not understand any reason for it.

Food is good. Tasty items are prepared here. Service is also good. What is lacking here. And could be the reason.

I was sitting on the cash counter. Two persons were talking in the street. I could hear their conversation.

'What? Do we've to take food for a whole month here? We'd lose much of our body. If we take food here, we'd also become skinny like him. We ask the fatty people which shop's rice do you take'.

'Yes, the food we take should help the body',the second man agreed with his friend. 'But the condition of the owner here is quite the opposite. Let us move away from here. We'll some other hotel.'

Now I understood why the business is so slack.


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