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My Sincerest Apology

Updated on November 13, 2012

Hear my words like peach cuts below the dotted lines

sound of scissors lying with lightening breath

anger brim over as pail of air,

vibrates a staccato fashion stretching the encores

that boom over and over;

bough bending laughing Queen cherries

in the orthodox church.

To love in a dream of polar ashes,

bullet train exiting and entering,

we are of the same expertise crafty words

built up to erect monuments and

dew borne wet lances yet everyone of you

want the weed to grow, everyone of you

expect embers to fade, soil

to dry up from impending firestorm of

hail Mary’s and sweet Jesus.

Why do you compensate your jealous

affair in exchange for retribution?

Why tear down hard workers

willing to earn a wage for a simple living?

Learn to forgive, never forget

you told me it’s too late for apologies

miles and miles of wood

sound of sex in the night cut short

your ring exposing your true age

growing tall and wide, luscious, the murmurs

of blade through stalks as the distant star implodes.

Trees fall over; singed bark leaves a trail of

burnt scent of putrid cadmium rods and salmon.

I return ablaze in the night’s sky

with vengeance to coffer your lemmings and henchmen

with a single scroll of parchment; subjugate the entire

world with a drip and drop of this ink pen.

An un-stoppable chain reaction-

you will love me as you’ve done

before many nights ago, once again.


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    • B. A. Williams profile image

      B. A. Williams 5 years ago from USA

      Well that was very enjoyable and very visual.