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You Are My Son

Updated on November 30, 2017
Msmillar profile image

I've been writing instructional articles for many years here on Hubpages, now I'd like to share my poems.

Your Child Is an Adult

Every kid wants to have the toughest, coolest, best parents, right? It starts in their youngest years and it never goes away. It's internalized as they become adults, but it is still there. If we shake up their view of what we should be, or what they perceive us to be. It can put a wedge between us, and our adult child, that is very hard to remove.

When your child, boy or girl, is an adult your words can cut deeper than you expect. Our actions, and in-actions, are all scrutinized by our adult children. They expect certain things from us that may not always be a reality. We are held to a different, higher, standard by our adult children. If we don't meet that standard, or if we show signs of weakness, or uncertainty, it can be confusing for them. Sometimes this confusion can lead to feelings of betrayal, and anger. Your adult child's significant others (boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, step siblings, etc) can play on these feelings your child is experiencing, making things worse.

Sometimes adult children would rather walk out of our lives forever, rather than confront the problem. They don't have to deal with anything they don't want to anymore. Or they've been convinced their feelings are correct and should be stood up for.



Son of Mine

What do you do if there's a rift between your adult son and yourself? Rifts don't resolve themselves as easily as they did when they were a child. They don't have to come home, to your home, anymore. A place where the rift was talked over, or let go of.

Your son may have his own place now, he may live far away, he may not often call. He doesn't have to call you. He doesn't have to stop by to see you. He doesn't have to have anything to do with you anymore, he's an adult. These facts can make it difficult to get past a problem between you and him.

Irregardless of your feelings, or what you want, you are at their mercy. Remain steadfast and true, it's all you can do.

This poem is written for those sons that are having a difficult time forgiving and/or forgetting.

You Are My Son

The day I born you, we forged a bond;

It cannot be broken, it cannot be pawned;

A bond between two, me and you.

There is no doubt, it is within me and within you;

I saw it the day I bore you.

You are a part of me, and I am a part of you;

Whatever you have said, whatever I have done, the fact remains,

You are my son.

I have made mistakes, I know this is true;

but my heart was always diligent to you.

Think about it my son;

can we make this be undone?

You have held fast, to a wrong, its been so long;

So many years we have lost;

They are gone forever, at who's cost?

My years are becoming few, you know this is true;

Will I ever be able to fulfill the quest that you pursue?

Forgiveness doesn't come easy, I know this is true;

I've worked very hard to find forgiveness for you.

Look inside your heart and dare to find, true forgiveness for me, any kind;

Make it a forgiveness deep and true, a forgiveness for me, a forgiveness for you!

I look forward to the day this is done;

because forever, and ever, you are my son.

© 2017 Joanna


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  • Msmillar profile image

    Joanna 9 months ago from Valley Springs

    I have a difficult time reading it myself without choking up, and I'm the one that wrote it! Thank you for stopping by!

  • profile image

    Tamara Moore 10 months ago

    This is beautiful and really tugs at my heart ❤️. Thank you!


  • Msmillar profile image

    Joanna 11 months ago from Valley Springs

    I never saw myself writing poetry, but when the subject matter goes to the core of who you are, it came easily. It feels good putting it on paper, and "out there". Try writing how you feel, whether you burn it, or publish it, getting it out of yourself will help.

  • Oscarlites profile image

    Oscar Jones 11 months ago from Alabama

    I can only imagine. mine is the opposite , that of a dad and of a daughter. I hope he reads your words and takes them to heart.

  • Msmillar profile image

    Joanna 11 months ago from Valley Springs

    Thank you. It came from the heart.

  • Orville Harmon profile image

    Orville Harmon 11 months ago from Edmonton, AB-Canada

    A touching poem! Nice work