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Stick Man Your Children Will Love This Story.

Updated on March 14, 2016

Stick Man By Julia Donaldson

The story written by Julia Donaldson is a tale of a Stick Man who lives in a family tree with his stick lady love and his stick children Three, and follows the everyday problems faced by a "stick man". He's chased by a dog, used as a pooh stick, washed out to sea this poor stick really does have a pretty hard time of it, whilst trying to make his way home after becoming lost very early on in the story.

You can't help but fall in love with the characters in this story the simple rhyming and the lovely illustrations by Axel Scheffler give a wonderful easy read from start to finish. i actually find myself really connecting with Stick Man and the love that he clearly holds for his family which is the over riding theme through the story.

The Flow Of The Story

The story begins in the spring with stick man waking up early to go for a jog, where he soon finds himself being used as a fetching stick by a dog in the park.

As the story unfolds this poor Stick Man finds himself being taken further and further away from home(the family tree) through a series of unfortunate events. Nobody gives him any credit for being anything other than a simple stick.

Working through a series of increasingly escalating adventures we also find ourselves going through the seasons until eventually Stick Man becomes lost and alone stuck in the snow. "Stick Man is lonely, Stick Man is lost. Stick Man is frozen and covered in frost. Stick man is weary. His eyes start to close. He stretches and yawns and lies down for a doze."

Things really aren't looking to good for him at this point and the situation goes from bad to worse when he is picked up and taken to be used as fuel for the fire. I felt genuinley worried for poor Stick Man i don't mind admitting. Luckily for us though another of your child's heroes Santa rescues Stick Man and he is reunited with his Family.

This is a book that is brlliant for Christmas but i promise your child will love this book and and still be asking for it come the summer, well at least Leo is. If you loved the Gruffalo then this is a story that is going to be read over and over and enjoyed by the parents as well as the children.

Plenty of places to find a stick here
Plenty of places to find a stick here

Taking The Adventure Outside

The great thing about this story is that it takes an everyday object and turns it into something real, Julia Donaldson really brings this character to life in a magical way.

Every time we take our son to the park we have a ready made activity simply looking for a stick. Sounds dull i know but seeing your child's face light up when they find one good enough is something quite lovely.

Be prepared to be acting out a scene from the book on this occasion it was playing a game of pooh sticks. Really its all just about letting your child's imagination take over and just going with it.

Leo is very proud of his stick man


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