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My Soul's Loneliness

Updated on August 25, 2017

In my soul’s loneliness I cry to Thee, my Lover, my Maker.

Your sweetest delicacies console me. How can I forget you?

In the details of my daily work You woo me.

Yet, my soul’s weakness yearns for your attentions.

It will not rest in the beauty of a sunset or morning dew;

Nor on a friend’s smile or baby’s coo: A salve to my wounds,

They don’t cure my unquietness. You satiate my thirst and lull my heart to rest.

I search for You in others, but just as I find You, I turn to myself.

You don’t give up: even inside myself You visit and stay.

You witness my pain and open the door so I may see

The pains You’ve endured for all, for me.

Deep loneliness you’ve felt when we ignore You;

Even in Your house, even in our souls.

You don’t drown out your pain in liquor, drugs, sleep or work.

For our sakes you suffered it all.

Why do you not punish us?

Why not embitter yourself against anything we may ask? We do.

You continue to Love us silently. Your Love is incomparable, immeasurable,

Constant, patient, true to Your promise.

In my Master’s footsteps I’ll silently withstand my soul’s loneliness.


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